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Strategies for gambling on earnings

Stocks thru the roof again today, wild volatility remains the theme. … [Read More...]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Busted shift-key, ex-dividend, and lots o’ stocks

Howdy folks, let's ride. Q. When a company announces their earnings … [Read More...]

Update on YELP

Mr. Market woke up this morning and says that he's willing to sell his … [Read More...]

Trade Alert: Taking some more profits from the buys last week

Into the depths of the declines last week, I stepped up and did … [Read More...]

Trade Alert: Locking in SPY profits and a new pair trade

Markets are straight up this morning and I want to peel off the last … [Read More...]

Navigating IBM, the markets and the Fed, Fed, Fed

No trades for me today so far. We took advantage of panicky sell-offs … [Read More...]

Trade Alert: Taking some profits on the SPY calls

Wednesday when the market was down huge, I wrote the … [Read More...]

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