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Full preview of tonight’s Apple earnings report (Plus Trade Alert: Nibbling Whole Foods)

I'm going to nibble on some more Whole Foods common, just about a … [Read More...]

Cody Kiss & Tell: The Futr, Ratings ideas, Best plays for earnings and more

Here's the transcript to this week's Live Q&A Chat. Q. Tell us … [Read More...]

Revolutions everywhere and how to invest in them

Click here to download the Futr Android or click here for the Futr … [Read More...]

Five tech trends about to change the world

Morning all, how's things? Big bounce in the markets to start the day. … [Read More...]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Market pathway, simultaneous trading, Russian mafia and more

Here's the transcript for this week's Live Q&A Chat. By the way … [Read More...]

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Make sure you follow me on the Futr apps PLUS Trade Alert: Two trims

First, make sure you download the Futr Messaging App, and use the … [Read More...]

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My favorite stocks right now, long and short

I am slowly building my Yandex YNDX long and my Pandora P … [Read More...]

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