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Twitter, Facebook, Scutify and the future of social networking

"You hear the sound, you wait around and get the word, You see the … [Read More...]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Weekly options, Twitter leadership, Coke and more

Howdy doodie time. Let's rock. Ask away. Q. Cody: an investing 101 … [Read More...]

Upcoming speech in Vegas plus FB/INVN updates

On Thursday, November 20, 2011, from 10:30 am - 11:30 am I will be … [Read More...]

Earnings updates

Tough night on the earnings front. Facebook just said on its … [Read More...]

Trade Alert: Analyzing the social stock sphere

Stocks up nicely again this week and now up pretty huge from those … [Read More...]

Trade Alert: Full earnings report analysis for Twitter and Invensense PLUS A tiny speculative options trade

Feels like the markets coiling before its next phase of volatility. Do … [Read More...]

Strategies for gambling on earnings

Stocks thru the roof again today, wild volatility remains the theme. … [Read More...]

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