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Trade Alert: Taking profits on half of my $GOOG call options

Trim, tranche, ebb and flow. Keep it steady as she goes using the … [Read More...]

Energy, solar, bankruptcies and other theories

Don't forget this week's Live Q&A Chat with me at 2pm EST today … [Read More...]

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Trade Alert: Betting on big trouble for this sector

I'm on the road to Vancouver for a business meeting and I'll be back … [Read More...]

Financials in big trouble for 2015?

The #CurrencyWars are likely now the driver for the markets, the … [Read More...]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Oil, bonds, earnings and more

Reminder: I'm very excited to tell you that we've finally launched … [Read More...]

Playbook for currency wars more important than ever

I often write about how we're living in a time of escalating currency … [Read More...]

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Energy crash’s impact on the economy, Fully updated SSYS analysis PLUS Trade Alert: Trimming more AMBA

I'm going to trim another 10% of my Ambarella position after seeing it … [Read More...]

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