Who’s more scared right now, the bulls or the bears?

What a rally. Big 4% up day in the markets, and our tech longs/calls were juiced today. And I hate to be the bearer of bad thoughts, but remember earlier this week how I pointed out that “dislocating markets” aren’t necessarily a bullish thing? Anyway, here’s my thought as I head through town to buy […]

Headlines and don’t forget today’s chat at 2pm EST

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about today when I wasn’t watching the sun rise over the Capitan mountains from my new home in the mountains of southeastern New Mexico. A Large Middle Class Isn’t Necessarily Normal – My old friend and mentor, David Merkel, with a very controversial take on what’s a “normal” distribution […]

Analysis and trading updates: Central Banks take coordinated action

It’s another day at the racetrack and the ponies are a’running. The US Federal Reserve has explicitly come out this morning in favor of redistributing hundreds of billions of more dollars from the working taxpayer to the corrupt banks in Europe, and that, along with some other socialist/communist economic developments has the markets juice early. […]

Revolution Investing and a trading update for Corning

The whole point of Revolution Investing is to help you pinpoint when there really is risk and to avoid panicking when there’s not. I’m again warning readers that the tech stock market bubble that I’d been looking to really take off next year is no longer as likely as it had been. And yes, I […]

A couple position updates

Couple housekeeping notes. Corning’s down 10% this morning after announcing that the quarter’s not coming in as planned, mostly because of a big order cancellation. I’m working on this one right now and will have more analysis and a playbook for us in a bit on this one. Mea culpa in the meantime. Also, on […]

Morning and a very risky short-term trade

A few years ago on Kudlow & Co, I took my always very-bearish position on a discussion/debate/argument the investment merits of the airline companies. My point was then and still is that the government welfare/subsidy business model employed by the industry always has been and always will be simply broken. If the business models for […]

Market wrap and see you at the Superbowl of Indexing in Phoenix next week

The strangest part of today’s market action — how little the markets moved intraday once they had opened up 3% across the board. Most days with a move of that magnitude entails some wild intraday swings too, but today once we opened, we just flatlined near the day’s highs. I didn’t get filled on much […]

Dislocating markets

Big day at the markets, with the major indices holding their broader, 2-3% gains across the board. Remember when I got all bearish on silver and copper when they had just peaked and started dislocating on a daily basis? That is, dislocating markets is a term that I created that means a market is making […]

Not just a funny I Love L”EU”cy episode

Speaking to Lucy in a Paris police station: “The sergeant only  speaks French, and see, this other cop here, he speaks French and German.  And this fellow, he speaks German and Spanish. So the sergeant is going to ask the questions, and we’ll translate them to you” – Ricky Ricardo Good morning, good Monday, and […]

Two option trades for Txgiving week

It’s Thanksgiving week and that’s reason enough to not be pushing it too hard, but given how much cash we raised near the highs and with the crushing the markets have taken again today, there’s a trade or two that I’m doing from my smartphone as I sit sipping coffee this morning in the mountains […]

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