Position round up

Amazon’s topline is light and the stock is down 10% after hours. I’ve missed two earnings trades in a row (Sandisk last week and now Amazon this week) and I’m extremely disappointed about that. I will step back and re-evaluate and step up my game. In the meantime, we rounded up and added to all […]

Today’s must-reads

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about today when I wasn’t preparing for another week of a earnings blitzkrieg. Markets/Stocks/Trading: On Corporate Cash – In the Platinum Chat section on the front page ofWallStreetAllstars.com, I got in a debate about whether Apple should split their stock because of this article. I enjoyed Merkel’s contrarian take […]

Update on STX into tonight’s report

I’m getting a lot of questions about Seagate heading into its earnings report tonight too.  Here’s my answer: Feet to fire, I’d guess STX blows away the estimates on top and bottom lines. No idea if that is already priced in though and the idea that the stock could sell off tomorrow no matter what […]

Another very high-risk earnings trade

Good morning and welcome back to the office, where they put the off in ice and the ice after off. Anyway, it started out as a slightly higher market and it’s faded into a slightly lower market. I’d like to see a 2-3% pullback to start scaling more aggressively into a net-longer stance than I […]

On the markets and the Facebook IPO

Where the heck did the trading day go? It’s already the contra hour and I’ve been pedal to the metal all day but this is the first time I’ve sat at the computer all day. The markets are flattish to down. Greece sovereign debt crisis is dominating the headlines. Shocker, I know. Let’s talk market […]

Earnings trends and an update on the Riverbed puts

It’s fried-day, as my old pal Herb Greenberg from CNBC used to write back at TheStreet.com a decade ago. It was a long week with lots of headlines, earnings, and Fed developments. I’ve listened to and/or read the transcript from dozens of earnings calls not to mention having read hundreds of analyst notes in the […]

Breaking down Cody’s income streams and how they impact his portfolio

Yesterday in the chat, I was asked this detailed question and I gave these detailed answers. Our editors decided it was worthy of a full article for you guys. I agree. Q: Cody, you have mentioned several times about cash positions and it depends on how it fits into one’s own investment portfolio. Can you […]

Two trade updates and today’s links including Rebecca Diamond’s latest

Two quick items to address before today’s linkfest. Specifically, I bought some Riverbed options with strikes right around $30 or just above that expire in three to six months. Again, I’m still net long just doing some prudent hedging. Lots of questions today about EKDKQ. I’m holding that position steady and will probably continue to […]

Two earnings reports tonight to talk about

Two earnings trading thoughts into tonight’s round of reports. 1. Riverbed – The stock has been on an absolutely tear of late and is up 30% from recent lows and at new recent highs today. We’ve seen a pattern this earnings season of tech stocks that are near their highs getting hit, regardless of what […]

Who’s more scared and a Sandisk update

The markets are holding steady this morning and we remain near recent highs, which for the markets, also happen to be as high as they’ve been since last spring. The markets are near annual highs and the question that nobody seems to be asking is what happens if we bust through those highs and the […]

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