Portfolio run through

A decade ago, I was sitting in Jim Cramer’s offices down on Wall Street and we were talking about my dream of running my own hedge fund. Cramer had heard from the editor of TheStreet.com, where I’d been publishing investment articles for a couple years, that I wanted to launch a fund and he sat […]

Big fat Belizean bank accounts, Olympic Flip It and other Must-reads for investors and traders

Here are some headlines, links and deep thoughts to ponder today: ALEC seeks lower taxes for smokeless tobacco products marketed to teens, ‘tweens – The most outrageous part of this article is the part that quotes the Congress lady who “authored” the bill explaining that she didn’t understand what it was for and wouldn’t support it […]

Trade Alert: Letting go of two longs

I’ve got a UNM Alumni Finance Committee meeting in Albuquerque again this afternoon, so I’m going to be headed out of here soon. I am going to be selling our long-held and winning position in Autodesk and our short-lived, losing position in Level 3. Here’s the analysis: LVLT Let’s go ahead and remove this one because […]

Updates on two other earnings reports

Good morning and welcome back to the baseball field, where the savers aren’t punished by the Fed like they are in the real world. As I’d mentioned in the interview with the WSJ on Friday, I didn’t address two of our other stocks that reported earnings on Thursday night, both of which rallied big time […]

WSJ interviews me about Facebook

Here’s an interview I did with the Wall Street Journal on Friday about why I’m still bullish and buying more Facebook. Simon Constable, who will host his own TV show someday, asks probing questions and we cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. WSJ: Why Cody Willard is still bullish on […]

Trades for the week of July 23rd through July 27th

Here are my trades for the week of July 23rd thru July 27th: Common Stock: Stock Action Date Initiated Time Initiated Price APOL – Apollo Group Cover 7/24/2012 10:44am $28.21 PCXCQ – Patriot Coal Sold 7/24/2012 10:44am $0.16 ZNGA – Zynga  Long 7/26/2012 10:17am $3.05 FB – Facebook Long 7/27/2012 9:30am $22.80  

Latest positions and option ideas for the FB

I was asked earlier this week to include some ideas for options strategies even when I’m personally just buying the common stock. So in regards to Facebook this morning, I’d look at the January 2014 call options with the strike prices at $30 and above, all the way up to say $37.50 or so. Here’s […]

Trade Alert: Facebooking boogie

Facebooked. Facebook took it on the chin, but you can’t judge the Facebook report by its cover. At any rate, this is part of investing and trading. You make your bets, and they don’t always work out in the near-term and you get up and do it all over again. Facebook’s down a couple bucks […]

Full analysis on Zynga

The tape on Zynga ZNGA is about as ugly as you’ll ever see.  The almost 40% drop on the day means the stock is down about 67% in the last three months (and also that much since it came public). The Nasdaq’s NDAQ circuit breakers got tripped, preventing any more short activity.   My contrarian spidey […]

Trade Alert: Gaming a gamer

Good morning. Zynga reported a disastrous quarter last night and guided much lower. Here’s a sampling of the hatred it spawned today from one of the brokerage analyst notes in my in box this morning: ZNGA: Facebook Changes Likley to Pressure into 2H12; Limited Visibility and Lack of Catalysts; Neutral Rating. Zynga’s 2Q results and outlook […]

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