Trades for the week of September 24th through September 28th

No trades made this week. As you know, I’m in a patient holding pattern.

Latest positions and market thoughts

You’ll see I’ve lowered the ratings of several longs and I upped the ratings of several shorts. I’m not bearish overall by any stretch of the imagination, as I think we are still headed into an even bigger equity bubble before this is over, but I don’t like the idea of being overly long here […]

Where’s my money?

I had to be at the dentist for a checkup and cleaning at 7:45am yesterday and I couldn’t find my wallet. We were sure we’d seen the wallet on the table by the door, but it was nowhere to be found. I finally thought — I wonder if that new six month old Great Pyrenees […]

Google and parabolic moves

You guys know I’m in a patient holding pattern right now. No Trades for me so far today. I got just about one red stock on my screen this morning and that one is named Google. Probably not a bad thing to let that stock breathe a little bit. Look at this one month chart […]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Options Pricing, Portfolio Allocation, AAPL Strategies and much more

Here’s the transcript to this week’s Live Q&A chat. Join me next Wednesday at 2pm EST at or send me an email with your question at Let’s rock! Q. Cody, in regards to options pricing: I’ve been reading up on the greek components that determine an options’ theoretical value, and got a pretty […]

Markets update and must-reads

Markets are in the red, tech leading on the downside. Apple itself has now pulled back some 6% from its all-time highs, which were set just last week. As a subscriber wrote on the Subscriber Chat last night: “I think the last couple of days have been just a great illustration of what we have […]

Staples has a Fundamentally Broken Business Model

The markets are up huge in the last three months.  Check out this chart of the Dow and the S&P 500 via With stocks up so much I’ve been reducing the weighting of my longs on (a service not affiliated with MarketWatch, where I detail my trades in real time).  And I’m really quite […]

Having your cake and eating it too

I got the following email from a subscriber and it underscores an important mistake that both professional and retail investors make: Hi Cody. I subscribe to yours service and think it is great…overall I think you have great insight and enjoy your recommendations.  One of the things I really enjoy about it is your Contrarian views […]

Green Day Google

Green Day. And I’m not just talking about the band whose leader lost his cool in a big concert a couple nights ago thereby helping juice sales of a just-happened-to-be-upcoming new album. Nothing in the mainstream media is ever what they say it is. For stocks or rock stars, you gotta look past the headlines. […]

Don’t force anything here

Well it’s a little bit slippery to the downside out there in the markets this morning. I’ve been trimming some of my biggest positions and adding some hedges for the last couple weeks or so even as the action in the markets has been so bullish even near-term. I’m still plenty net long but I’ve […]

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