Deep dive on the history and future of Apple, Google and the tech revolution

It’s tough to remember how Apple developed into a company that is one of the most valuable in the world and one that right now makes more money in a given quarter than any but a handful of companies in history. Before the iPhone or iPad were even in pre-production, you could see that the […]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Bubble Blowing, Apple’s Sleeve and ZAGG Shorts

Here’s the transcript to this week’s Live Q&A chat. Join me next Wednesday at 2pm EST at or send me an email with your question at Q. Any reason why you say in your alerts that you are not turning bearish “YET”? Is it just me or does it seem like you have […]

Trade Alert – Don’t order oysters at the diner

Good morning and welcome back to the diner, where you better stick with the stuff on the first couple pages of the encyclopedia-length menus that include things like Crab-stuffed Oysters. There’s a time and place for everything, see? And the time and place for crab-stuffed oysters isn’t at the 96th Street Diner where I worked […]

Trade Alert – Some active portfolio management with an update on gold and banks

Today I want to review a few positions in the portfolio and continue our endless pursuit of maximizing our long-term upside while minimizing our long-term risk through active portfolio management. I entered Baidu back in July as a technology platform play that doubled as exposure to China. It’s a rare time that I invest in […]

Trade Alert – Tiny toe, Markets movements, Apple action, earnings insights

The markets sure have had a hard time busting through the DJIA 14k range. You know I’m not nearly as bullish for the near-term as I have been in the past few years (especially when there’s not a panic out there to buy against). That said, I had a realization over the weekend. You always […]

Trades for the week of February 18th through February 22nd

Here are my trades for the week of February 18th through February 22nd: Common Stock: Stock Action Date Initiated Time Initiated Price Physical Gold BUY 2/19/2013 10:41am $1,564.00 AAPL – Apple BUY 2/19/2013 3:28pm $458.72 ZAGG – ZAGG Inc. BUY 2/20/2013 12:55pm $7.32   Options: Stock CALL or PUT Action Date Initiated Stock Price Strike […]

Latest positions – Antsy ain’t a strategy

Marvell is up after last night’s report. Steady as she goes, I’m holding all of my common and calls steady in that one for now. On the other hand, I’ve been actively refining the portfolio and getting ever less long as the markets run higher. I’d sure like to see a huge spike or a […]

Clean tech gets hot

Right about the time we started researching opportunities in Clean Technology last fall, President Obama was reelected.  Suddenly, investors who’d been shying away from “Green Stocks” rediscovered their appetite—and how.  Of course, the market in general has risen since then too, but loads of stocks in sectors like solar and energy efficiency and storage have […]

Trade Alert – Adding some broker puts as tension builds

Tension is building out there in the markets. The bears can’t believe that the markets are at all time highs even with Apple acting like it is. The Google gets a couple analysts putting $1000 price targets on it, and you have to wonder if we’re in for a replay of what happened to Apple […]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Gold, Hate, Love and much more

Here’s the transcript to this week’s Live Q&A chat. Join me next Wednesday at 2pm EST at or send me an email with your question at Let’s rock! Q. Hi Cody, with sequestration looming on the horizon it seems likely that there may be a renewed end of the world fear and panic […]

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