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Subscribe right now to learn how to trade from a pro, whose success at running a hedge fund propelled him from Wall Street to anchoring his own TV show on Fox Business. A former technology venture capitalist, Cody’s stock picking ideas and economic outlooks have been featured on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ABC’s 20/20, CBS Evening News, CNBC’s Kudlow & Company and SquawkBox, Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, as well as in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many other outlets.

Some of Cody’s trading career highlights include:

  • Launching a tech-centric long/short equity hedge fund on October 1, 2002, just eleven days before the Nasdaq finished its two-year long 75% decline.
  • Closing his hedge fund on October 1, 2007, to become a national news anchor as he warned of the collapse of the major Wall Street banks and the infrastructure of the hedge fund industry–just as the markets topped and subsequently crashed 60% in the next year.
  • Owning Apple for his hedge fund from $7 in March, 2003, until $160 in October, 2007, when he closed his hedge fund and sold all his stocks to become a TV anchor.
  • Telling his followers to buy and stay long Apple since March, 2003 (when the stock was $7 per share),  to this very day.
  • Owning Google for his hedge fund from $95 the day it went public in 2004 to $550 in October, 2007, when he closed his hedge fund and sold all his stocks to become a TV anchor.
  • Telling his followers to buy and stay long Google since August, 2004 (when the stock was $95 per share), to this very day.
  • Other early holdings and picks from his hedge fund days include F5 from $20 per share in 2005 and shorting Corning from the high teens to the low single digits–and catching its move back up from the high single digits back to the high teens and many others.
  • His more recent public picks have included Lindsay from $61 a share, Sandisk from $41 per share, and shorting Apollo Group when it was over $50 (now below $20)..
  • Betting Donald Trump, Jr., that oil would see the $30s before it would see $150s as Cody hosted a nationally-televised two-hour block party on Wall Street in July, 2008, as oil was at $130 on its way to $147 before falling all the way to $32 in the ensuing months. The bet? Each of their respective inheritance against each other’s. True story.

For only $99 per month, you can get a ringside seat as one of the most famous investors in the country trades in the same style using the same strategies that made him so successful!

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