Trade Alert: Panicky action, buying call options on two stocks

Okay, I’m sensing some panic into the close here and I’m going to take a shot at nibbling at some longs here. I’m buying some Amazon call options, dated out to May with $540 or $545 or so strikes on them. And I’m buying some Netflix call options dated out to June with some $95 or […]

The App Bubble is dead; Long live the App Revolution

Is the App Bubble that we rode from 2010 — when I left TV and came back to investing and trading in the markets — to the end of last year finally over? Has the App Bubble popped? Well, in a word, the answer is simply: yes. The energy and commodity crash has become a Black Swan-worthy event much quicker […]

Morning notes plus Zika Virus analysis and playbook

Employment and jobs numbers come in about as expected — some strength but not really strong. I think most data points and analysis point to the Fed still going back and cutting rates and/or creating new forms of QE this year and I don’t find that set -up very bullish. LinkedIn ($LNKD) and Tableau Software ($DATA) […]

Cody Kiss & Tell: That time I went to Sundance and other answers

  Q. This is a nasty day. I’m not sure what’s harder to do here? Stay put? Buy puts? That seems too easy. A. I think sitting on our hands right now, with our heavy cash positions and short hedges along with our remaining longs is probably okay for now. Like I keep saying, we can wait […]

Amazon’s many platforms (and savior of malls?)

Don’t forget this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm ET today at, on the TWC App, or just hit reply to this email and send in your question. Ask me anything at all about the markets, the economy, trading strategies, tech revolutions, politics, news, apps, cooking, sports, TV, books, real estate, oil — I’m […]

A decade of Google analysis

People day trade, draw lines on charts, try to catch a big swing here and there, time the market, read the tape…and they lose sight of what’s important with their portfolios — maximizing our upside potential and minimizing risk. I do that by recognizing Revolutionary Trends and investing early in the most Revolutionary Companies (can I […]

Predictions for the Iowa caucuses and market notes

What’s up with you all to get this week started? Anybody nervous or otherwise feeling emotions about your portfolios? Hit reply to this email or join me in the Trading With Cody Chat Room here or in the Trading With Cody app and let me know what’s on your mind and what you’re feeling. It’s […]

Trade Alert: Taking some profits on our Sony call options

First off, be sure to check out and the new Headlne apps! Headlne is a new news app from the creators of Scutify and part of the Scutify family of apps. Headlne is a new way to stay up with the most important news and real-time headlines. Many news outlets get their stories out on social media long […]

Trade Alert: Locking in profits from last week’s options buys

Stocks up early. Oil +7% to almost $35. I’d mentioned I’d bought some $UA and $FB earnings into those panicky lows last Wednesday and both of those companies reported blowout earnings. We caught both of the two largest movers in the earnings reports today with our call options that we bought when the $DJIA was down -550 at last Wednesday. Under […]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Fed decision & the market, cash v. stock ratio & stock talk

Here’s the transcript from this week’s Live Q&A Chat. You can always find Cody in the Chat Room on the newly updated Trading With Cody iPhone App, the Trading With Cody Android App or at If you have any questions about how to log in, just email us at Q. Your thoughts on the Fed decision and […]

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