Stock Throwback Thursday: Easy lessons from the past

If you’re ever on Facebook, and you know that most of you often are whether you admit it or not, you often see people post old photos of themselves and friends from decades ago that they’ve scanned. I chuckle at some of my old fashions (and, yes, haircuts), and it’s interesting to try to remember [...]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Howdie doodie time

Transcript for this week’s Live Q&A. Join me next Wednesday at 2pm EST at It’s howdy doodie time! Hit me with anything. Q: Cody, I’ve been having most of my spare time taken up with family health, major house problems, etc. and have had trouble getting on the computer to monitor the market and, [...]

Android kicking iOS’ butt and other must-reads

Markets continue their relief rally from yesterday. Long way back up to where they were this time last week though. Patience. It’s been a while and I’ve gotten several requests for a “Revolution Investing Must-Reads,” so let’s jump right in. 6 kinda weird things that deserve to be added to the iPhone 6 – I [...]

Trade Alert – Locking in some profits on some shorts

Ebb when the markets flow and vice versa. We trimmed and got less long at the highs, and now we gently start to get more long exposure as the markets tank. Two more trades to tell you about that I’m doing here. I’m covering about 1/3 of my GSVC short, which is my biggest short [...]

Trade Alert – Learn from my mistake as I cover JPM

Before you ever start trading or investing, you have to have a game plan and an understanding that you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to sometimes buy a stock that goes down. Or you’ll short a stock that goes up. Or you’ll buy some call options that expire the day before the company gets [...]

Trade Alert – Ciena tranche buy and the regulators actually listened to me!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.46.43 AM

One trade to tell you about this morning. I’m buying about a 1/5 tranche in Ciena, which is currently my smallest position in the long side of the portfolio. Still will be one of my smallest positions and I’ll be looking to add another tranche to it in coming days or weeks. One short-side trades [...]

Traveling, NQ still a short candidate, and your Deep Thought of the Day

Good morning. I’m on the road today and won’t be posting anything other than this until next Monday. A few bullet points this morning for ya from here in the hotel room. A while ago, I wrote up a whole column full of analysis about buying $BIDU and shorting $NQ as a pair trade – what I think of [...]

Cody Kiss & Tell (and Cody Underground, The Podcast): Stocks to buy right now, Apple update, GOOG vs GOOGL and much more has a new “Price Targets” feature for each stock. Apple’s is here- $AAPL. What’s your price target for $FB? Put in your opinion and help us build a useable social-resource of price targets. Here’s some of the best Q&A from the site this week. I made the first part of the Q&A into a podcast too. Q&A with Cody [...]

Facebook vs. Twitter: A look back and a look ahead

Back when I used to host my TV show on Fox Business, I used to admonish Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for not bringing his company public early enough so that the retail investors of the world could ride Facebook’s early stages of growth to riches for the broader public. When Microsoft invested $240 million into Facebook [...]

Cody Underground Episode 4: CEO of Apmex on Scutify, Platinum, Penny stocks, Mars and NCAA Champions

Cody Underground Logo

Cody Underground Episode 4: CEO of Apmex on Scutify, Platinum, Penny stocks, Mars and NCAA Champions Today’s Cody Underground Podcast Topics include: 1. @MichaelHaynes: “Ukraine still posing complex problems and increasing intensity. Oil is up and Gold; watch the Gold/Oil ratio.…et-report-4-8-2014” Good stuff. I talk about $gold and $silver and Ukraine on my Cody Underground [...]

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