Personal Note: I’m exhausted, emotionally and mentally

I need to let all of you who subscribe to Trading With Cody know that I’m exhausted, emotionally and mentally. I’ve shed a lot of tears over the last few weeks — tears of joy, sadness, worry, relief, joy, exhaustion and other emotions. I’m not getting much sleep and my wife is getting even less […]

Trade Alert: A brand new Wearables stock pick

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.38.58 AM

As per our playbook, I’ve been patient in waiting for good pitches before taking swings. This week, in the midst of this current stock market weakness, I’ve started nibbling on some of my favorite long-term Revolution Investing stocks and now I’m going to step in and add a new name to the portfolio. Let’s look […]

Trade Alert: Buying some more Twitter

On a personal note, my daughter Amaris is pulling through remarkably well. She might be the single happiest and healthiest Trisomy 13 baby in history, and she’s blowing all the doctors’ minds. She’s got a tracheal tube, a gastro tube and lots of monitors, and my wife and I spend most days at the hospital […]

Latest Positions and a Trade Alert: Locking in more profits

We have a lot of stocks up big today, which has been a recurring theme for our portfolio during earnings season so far. Many of our biggest positions are at or near all-time highs. If you haven’t done any trimming, consider doing so. Maybe 10-20% of some of these biggest winners or about that same amount […]

Where’s the crisis?

Greece? Russia and Ukraine? China stock market bubble/crash? Did these “crises” suddenly disappear? Why aren’t we hearing about them? Oh, because our own stock markets have rebounded and gotten back near their all-time highs. All is well with the world, I guess, huh? Let’s keep looking past the headlines and finding our balance and our […]

How often should we trade?

I’d like to start by asking each of you for some referrals — think of three or four friends who would benefit from Trading With Cody. Please feel free to forward them some of your favorite posts and trading ideas from Trading With Cody or send them a link to the Trading With Cody apps. I’m […]

Trade Alert: Mining for options, tech apathy and other notes


Amaris doing very well…breathing on her own thru the trach for hours at a time. She responds to our voices and looks at us with her good eye (her left eye is a little underdeveloped) and smiles when we coo her and kiss on her. I got to do a bunch of cooing an kissing on […]

Trade Alert: Trimming a bit of these two huge winners

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.01.07 PM

Well, Google and Facebook, two of my biggest positions are up big today to new all-time highs. Google reported earnings last night that showed strong growth and expense controls and mobile booming and YouTube exploding…GOOG and GOOGL stock is up 15% today to $663 and $695 respectively. I fight bought Google’s stock the day it came public, at […]

Greece-less, China-ful, and updates on GOOG, FB and SNDK


Hi all, and thanks for asking and caring about our daughter Amaris who was born 3 weeks ago with Trisomy 13. Amaris’ surgeries yesterday went great. She has a Gtube and a Trach and we actually got to see her face for the first time clearly yesterday. Still a lot of recovery and time to […]

Trade Alert: Buying this precious metal using these vehicles


For a year or more now, I’ve not mentioned precious metals, gold and silver, except to answer questions from you dear subscribers. Such questions and my answers have typically gone something like this, as I’ve been waiting patiently for better pitches. Q. Cody, What do you think of gold and silver as investment vehicles? A. […]

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