Cody Kiss & Tell: TradingWithCody Apps, Security Stocks, Sony and much more

Q. Any coming changes to Trading With Cody you can speak to based on that survey you gave us users about the service? The TWC Android App looks great, based on your screenshot. Highly anticipating the Apple version. A. Lots of improvements, new features and ideas coming to TradingWithCody, so stay tuned. Our TWC apps are just getting started […]

Trade Alert: How to stop the dirty deeds

Pick up the phone, I’m always home Call me any time Just ring 36 24 36 hey I lead a life of crime Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap – AC/DC, Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap Let’s update the analysis on each of the stocks from our Security Basket. Splunk – I love how Splunk describes its […]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Plato, Adam Smith, Ronald McDonald, and much more

Here’s the transcript from this week’s Live Q&A Chat. Q. What is your opinion for the market near term trend? Do you see a correction coming? Thanks. A. Feet to fire, I think the path of least resistance for the broader stock market is…HIGHER. From a sentiment perspective, most professionals and traders are bearish and skeptical of […]

Trade Alert: Buying more Peanuts (and check out the new TWC Android App!)

I’m personally going to nibble a second tranche of ICON here today, just slowly building it up over time as per our playbook. The stock has been flat for the last week since we first added it to the portfolio with a first small tranche and I’m leaving myself room to buy more of it […]

Why we buy vs why we sell: Long and short analysis

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.00.58 AM

Let’s update the analysis on two of our stocks in the portfolio. These two stocks have nothing to do with each other but the analysis underscores why we are long one of the stocks and short the other one. Ambarella – The stock is popping out to new all-time highs, now up about 200% from where […]

What happens in Vegas


I’m in Las Vegas for the Money Show to speak three times in the next two days. I won’t be able to make this week’s TradingWithCody Live Q&A Chat which is scheduled for 2pm EST today, but if you have any questions, email them to me and I’ll email you back with an answer. Remember, […]

Trade Alert: Betting on Peanuts

One of the keys to Revolution Investing is to find a trend, theme or technological disruption that is driving new demand in the marketplace and therefore creating new valuations for companies that are positioned to benefit from said trend, theme or technological disruption. In hedge fund land, we call such an approach “Top Down” because […]

Cody Kiss & Tell: 401k, Whole Foods, Getting more bullish and more

Markets bounce a bit but still acting murky. I sensed some nervousness from the bulls yesterday and that’s the first time I’ve thought that in many months. One more 150-200 points down day on the DJIA and I’ll likely look to do some nibbling. Whole Foods -10% today after “disappointing” earnings report. I didn’t see it that […]

Hands-on with the Apple Watch and why it matters to you


Join me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST at It’s not, as the old saying goes, the economy, stupid. It’s the Apple Watch and other tech revolutions you’re living through that matter. There’s been no bigger bull on the coming Wearables Revolution than yours truly. The Apple Watch and other wearables […]

You have to be picky with your stock picks

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.41.49 AM

Let’s do some Revolution Investing analysis on a small cap wearables company I’ve done some homework on but decided not to invest in. A few weeks ago, I spent a couple hours on the phone with the President and other executives from Vuzix, a small cap wearables manufacturer. The call was set up through my friend […]

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