Trade Alert: More JRJC profits and Rebecca Diamond talks Wearables on Scutify

Don’t forget to meet me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST at JRJC’s descent continues and the stock is now printing with a $6-handle. I’ve trimmed about 1/3 of my puts now, locking in big gains. I’m going to try to sell another 1/3 of my puts here with the stock [...]

Trade Alert: Scaling into more Sony

Troops on the ground, war escalating, currency wars in full fog, and the markets keep chugging right along. Steady as she goes til she stops, I guess. I’m looking to scale into some of my long positions that I’m still slowly building. The bulls are scared while the bears are dead. I’ve been saying that [...]

Trade Alert: Removing CIEN and JDSU plus Updated Analysis for BKS, INVN

Let’s run through some of our positions to update our analysis. Barnes & Nobles (Short) – I have a soft stop-loss in my head at about $24 in this short that has gone against us from the start this go around. Barnes & Nobles knows it can’t be a brick and mortar retailer of books [...]

Trade Alert: Taking a tranche of profits on JRJC puts PLUS Analysis on Apple, The Fed and the Alibaba IPO

The trade I am slowly putting out some offers to sell about 1/5 of my JRJC puts. I never was able to borrow any shares to short on JRJC but I did get filled on my some my puts from a couple weeks ago when I’d written: “Here’s one I’m trying to short right now and [...]

Revolution investing, Sony and surviving 9/11 in NYC

No trades for me today. Got a TV appearance or two I am trying to make tonight, but not sure I am going to get out of the MoneyShow and Scutify marking mode here in time to get there. Onto today’s report then. I’ve still got 9/11 scars from living in NYC and running from [...]

Trade Alert – Scaling into our new pick using the usual tranche buying approach

No Live Q&A Chat this week. Sorry.  I’m at the Dallas Airport on my way to NYC to speak at the All-Stars of Options Trading Expo. My speech is: Friday, Sep 12, 2014 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM :Educational Presentation A Straightforward Approach to Using Options in Your Portfolio Astor Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis And [...]

Trade Alert: A Wearable Revolution Stock that will surprise you

$AAPL now up 3%+ at day’s highs as news of of Apple Pay confirmed and the pricing of the new iPhones hits. Mobile payments service will be called Apple Pay. Apple iPhone 6 costs $199-$399, 6 Plus $299-$499 with contract. iPhone 6, 6 Plus will include Secure Element chip to encrypt payment info for Apple. Steady as [...]

Bitcoin about to run, Yahoo about to pop, Euro about to rally? And what actually matters at the Apple Event

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.23.05 AM

In our continued pursuit to bring Scutify to all platforms and devices we have launched our BETA app on Google Glass. With your Google Glass you are now able to get the latest Trending/Popular Scuttles straight to your glass. Other cool features such as viewing your Scuttle List, Company Information, Placing Trades and more will [...]

Jobs report, stock updates and a question from Dr. Jaimie Shores

Jobs? Employment? From a survey that has a +/-100k error as@JeffMiller notes. Not a catalyst for buying or selling stocks nor a meaningful data point for economic analysis. Markets were down earlier, now have come back reflecting the meaninglessness of the payroll number being “worse than expected” by a bunch of analysts a bunch of reporters [...]

Ciena and Amba updates plus a report on penny stocks

My smallest long position, Ciena, reported a great quarter but gave terrible guidance and talked about struggling into year-end with a few “variables.” I don’t like the commentary out of the conference call either, but I’m not jumping to any rash decisions. I’m making some phone calls into industry people and analysts and will let [...]

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