How we’ve made our biggest profits

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No trades for me today. HIMX down big in the last few weeks and now below where we’d been initially buying it. It’s by far my smallest position right now but I don’t want to add to it just yet. Google Glass isn’t somehow about to take off tomorrow but over the next few years, [...]

Trade Alert: Buying food stock and three revolutions you must get in front of

Oil and the dollar. Each is making some big moves over the last few weeks and months. Meanwhile, stocks just keep climbing. I’m going to add a small tranche, about 1/5 of a full position of common stock of Whole Foods, as it’s still not quite a full size position for me. I spent most [...]

Party invite, stressed-out investors, and another Penny Stock Hype Machine

No trading for me today. I find I’m wanting to find a good trade for us and am probably trying too hard, so I’m not pushing it. Let the pitches come to us and we’ll swing at the best ones only. First off: WALL STREET ALL-ALL STARS and SCUTIFY.COM cordially invite all subscribers to a [...]

Cody Kiss & Tell: What to do if you were late to this bull market and much more

Howdy y’all. Let’s ride. Q. I was late to this bull market Cody. When’s the next one coming and how high does it take us? A. I don’t think this current bull market is over yet. I wouldn’t be aggressive, but if you don’t think you own enough stocks (or any for that matter) then [...]

Random Thoughts: Tech M&A, Tech Earnings, Apple new all-time highs again

Don’t forget to join me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST at or just send me an email with your question(s). BK TRADE UPDATE I am out of half of my DNDN trade for a loss. Still have the last half for now, but am looking to sell it too. Am [...]

The single best stock to invest in for the Wearables Revolution

I lost sleep last night over our Dendreon bankruptcy trade. You know that I always tell you guys that if you’re losing sleep over a position or over your portfolio, that you’re probably too long. I don’t know why the GTAT bankruptcy trade we did last time returned us over a 150% in a couple days’ [...]

Broken record: Trim, scale, bubble, crash, buy, sell, pop, tranche

Steady as she goes today. Don’t rush into or out of anything. Scale in. Scale out. 1/5 or so at a time. Broken record? Nah… For much of the last five years, I’ve felt a bit like a broken record as I predicted and prepared for what I said would be the ”Biggest Stock Market Bubble in [...]

Trade Alert: Another (very speculative!) BK Trade

Good morning and welcome back to the merry-go-round. Don’t let them spin you around so fast you can’t hang on. I’ve got another highly speculative, very risky short-term bankruptcy trade I’m putting on today – Dendreon DNDN filed for bankruptcy today. Remember that the idea of the bankruptcy trade is to wait until a once [...]

Cody’s Latest Positions

Here’s a list of my latest positions (I’m removing the aforementioned four positions that I’m closing out this week, even though I’ll be taking a few days over the next rest of this week to close them). I’ve broken the list into Longs and Shorts. And from there, I’ve broken down each list into refined [...]

Trade Alert: Health Food Scale (and best two stocks for the Wearables Revolution)

Our recent purchase of Whole Foods is up 10% today and up more than that since we bought our first tranche a couple weeks ago. I’m going to step in and buy a second tranche in it today. Since the advent of the iPhone and Android smartphone, I’ve explained over and over that the single [...]

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