Strategies for gambling on earnings

Stocks thru the roof again today, wild volatility remains the theme. Still no trades for me today.   Now onto today’s report. I always call it “gambling” when I trade around earnings. Trying to game earnings reports is one of the hardest and most volatile ways of trading. In fact, most technical analysts and many [...]

Update on YELP

Mr. Market woke up this morning and says that he’s willing to sell his investment in YELP for 12% less than he was yesterday after YELP says next quarter will be a couple million less than the analysts had expected but that full year guidance might even be better than expected. To be sure, the [...]

Trade Alert: Taking some more profits from the buys last week

Into the depths of the declines last week, I stepped up and did several rounds of buying. Recall these posts: It’s time for another fresh round of tranche buying of a little more GOOG and FSLR common stocks and I’m also going to add a couple call options on the SPY here — buying the [...]

Trade Alert: Locking in SPY profits and a new pair trade

Markets are straight up this morning and I want to peel off the last of my SPY call options that we bought during the panic last week. We have about 1/3 remaining after taking profits on some of them last week and I’m going to sell the rest of those now for very nice short-term [...]

Navigating IBM, the markets and the Fed, Fed, Fed

No trades for me today so far. We took advantage of panicky sell-offs last week to get in a few trades and tranches and like I always remind you guys, we want to take the best pitches we can get before we swing. Steady as she goes then for now. It was an an ugly [...]

Trade Alert: Taking some profits on the SPY calls

Wednesday when the market was down huge, I wrote the following: “With the markets down 2% across the board this morning, it’s time for another fresh round of tranche buying of a little more GOOG and FSLR common stocks and I’m also going to add a couple call options on the SPY here — buying [...]

The Hundred-Billion-Dollar Wearables Market

Now we don’t rush in our or out of any of our stocks. If you were in pain at the lows when the market was down 3% yesterday and the Nasdaq was in full 10% correction territory, you might want to consider trimming down a little bit on this reprieve. Otherwise, I think scaling into [...]

Trade Alert: A little bird

  Don’t forget to join me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST at And if you can’t make the Live Chat Q&A, just email me your question by hitting reply to this and I’ll include it with my answer in the actual chat and the transcript. Okay, a little more analysis [...]

Trade Alert: Buying some SPY calls for a trade

Stocks crashing, DJIA -345 at 15972, Nazz officially in correction territory. Many stocks like INTC down 5-10%. Remember when we were trimming our favorites at all-time highs over the last few weeks? Remember how many names like Ciena and Juniper and JDSU and others that I removed from the portfolio as we steadily raised cash [...]

Diversification in the portfolio: What it actually means and how to actually do it

No trades for me today. Holding steady for today. Market volatility has spiked. The DJIA is down 1000 points from its all-time highs, which were set just about 20 trading days ago. The Russell 2000 is down more than 10% from its recent highs, putting it fully in correction territory. You have to be careful [...]

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