Twitter, Facebook, Scutify and the future of social networking

“You hear the sound, you wait around and get the word, You see the picture changing everything…” Neil Young – Change Your Mind I’ve built up my Twitter position to about half where I want it to be, so I’ll probably do a little more scaling in next week to round it up a bit more. But [...]

Upcoming speech in Vegas plus FB/INVN updates

On Thursday, November 20, 2011, from 10:30 am – 11:30 am I will be giving a presentation called “10,000 Days: The Shocking Concept That Will Change the Way You Trade and Invest Forever” FREE Entry/Registration. Come by and watch it if you can. Nobody wants to be long for a trade into the Fed 2pm [...]

Earnings updates

Tough night on the earnings front. Facebook just said on its conference call that “Total revenue in Q4 is expected to grow 40% to 47%.” That’s still huge growth, but the market is knocking 10% off FB after hours on that guidance. Steady as she goes for me and if the stock were to drop [...]

Trade Alert: Analyzing the social stock sphere

Stocks up nicely again this week and now up pretty huge from those panicky Ebola lows a couple weeks ago. Have you trimmed anything? Should you? Now’s the time — sell when you can, not when you have to. Yelp took a 15% hit last week, after they guided for next quarter to be about 2% [...]

Trade Alert: Full earnings report analysis for Twitter and Invensense PLUS A tiny speculative options trade

Feels like the markets coiling before its next phase of volatility. Do you remember just a few trading days ago that the DJIA dipped back below 16,000? Are you prepared for wherever the near-term market might take us, including a potential near-term weakness towards the 16,000 level again. I’d likely do another round of buying [...]

Strategies for gambling on earnings

Stocks thru the roof again today, wild volatility remains the theme. Still no trades for me today.   Now onto today’s report. I always call it “gambling” when I trade around earnings. Trying to game earnings reports is one of the hardest and most volatile ways of trading. In fact, most technical analysts and many [...]

Update on YELP

Mr. Market woke up this morning and says that he’s willing to sell his investment in YELP for 12% less than he was yesterday after YELP says next quarter will be a couple million less than the analysts had expected but that full year guidance might even be better than expected. To be sure, the [...]

Trade Alert: Taking some more profits from the buys last week

Into the depths of the declines last week, I stepped up and did several rounds of buying. Recall these posts: It’s time for another fresh round of tranche buying of a little more GOOG and FSLR common stocks and I’m also going to add a couple call options on the SPY here — buying the [...]

Trade Alert: Locking in SPY profits and a new pair trade

Markets are straight up this morning and I want to peel off the last of my SPY call options that we bought during the panic last week. We have about 1/3 remaining after taking profits on some of them last week and I’m going to sell the rest of those now for very nice short-term [...]

Navigating IBM, the markets and the Fed, Fed, Fed

No trades for me today so far. We took advantage of panicky sell-offs last week to get in a few trades and tranches and like I always remind you guys, we want to take the best pitches we can get before we swing. Steady as she goes then for now. It was an an ugly [...]

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