Google, Amazon, Sony, AMD, solar: Be paranoid, but not scared

Here’s a podcast version of this week’s inaugural Trading With Cody Q&A Conference Call:  Cody Underground: Google, Amazon, Sony, AMD, solar. Be paranoid, but not scared And here is the transcript of it. Cody: Welcome to the first ever old-fashioned telephone conference call for Trading With Cody. Let’s start with today’s news. Everyone is looking at the healthcare […]

Cody’s Trades of the Week for March 20-24, 2017

TRADES FOR THE WEEK OF MARCH 20-24, 2017 On Tuesday, March 21st: $FB-Facebook: I’m trimmed 10% of my Facebook today, just locking in some more profits on this stock that is now up about 500% since we made it a Top 3 Largest Position back in 2013. $GOOG-Google.:  I trimmed 10% of my Google today, just […]

Trumpcare, Obamacare, The Fed and you

Reminder: We will have a Live Trading With Cody phone conference call today, Thursday, March 23 at 2pm ET at this number: Dial-in: #: 641-715-0700 Access Code: 709981 Now for today’s report. So much has changed as the occupant of the White House has changed last names to Trump from Obama from Bush from Clinton from Bush from Reagan. […]

Thursday 2pm ET: Trading With Cody Live Conference Call

Sounds like some of you wanted more heads up so you can make sure you get on the conference call and we’re having a technical glitch on the phone conference call set up. So let’s do this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm ET tomorrow, Thursday instead of today. We’ll have everything set up on […]

Apple, Mark Twain, Dr. Evil and one trillion dollars

As promised, we’re going to do a Live Q&A Chat on a phone conference call. Dial-in: #: 641-715-0700 Access Code: 709981. You can also join us for today’s live Q&A in the Chat Room at 2:00 pm EST and post your question in there and I’ll answer it on the conference call and we’ll include it in the transcript. If […]

Latest Positions

Finally, the markets have a reversal day that’s turned ugly. If it seems like it’s been a long time since the markets had an ugly day, much less a pull back, it’s because it has been. We’ve been trimming our longs and adding some index hedges. But we’re still sticking with most of our longs […]

Trade Alert: Making moves in FB, GOOG, Z and EWY

I’m making a quite few trades today. Trimming some longs to lock in some profits, removing one long and adding to a short. Facebook’s stock has been climbing for weeks and is at all-time highs and the market cap of this company is now over $400 billion. The company’s only been around for 13 years, which means it’s […]

Bubble-Blowing Bull Market Redux

Bubbles. I’ve been saying since 2010 that we’re in a Bubble-Blowing Bull Market, meaning that we weren’t quite in a bubble yet, but that the Bull Market was likely to get us there. Top 5 causes of all these bubbles 1. 0% interest rates. After the great Y2K stock market bubble popped in 2001-2005 or […]

Join us for today’s live Q&A at 2:00 p.m. EST

Next week, we’re going to do a Live Q&A Chat on a phone conference call. Details to come. But for today, join us for today’s live Q&A in the Chat Room at 2:00 pm EST. If you can’t attend live, email your questions to and I’ll get them answered. Here is just a little of the […]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Rate hikes, Market Timing, Bitcoin and more

Here is the transcript to this week’s Live Q&A Chat. Visit the Trading With Cody Chat room on the Trading With Cody iPhone app,, the Trading WithCody Android app  or in the Chat Room. If you have any questions about our service, just email us at Q. What kind of impacts do rate hikes have on the debt driven growth the global economies? A. Slowly moving higher […]

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