Your stock portfolio isn’t a vintage stereo system & My article from today’s USA Today

I’ve got a Kubota tractor that I love to work from, but a few weeks ago, I knocked a burnt dead tree over on top of the front end loader joystick which busted a joint in it. I need to get the joint replaced but it takes time and energy to figure out what piece [...]

4 near-term catalysts for the next stock market crash redux PLUS Trade Alert: Selling my smallest position

Millions of innocent people who just want to work and contribute to a global community who live in Russia and the Ukraine and all over the world who are suffering as a result of all these currency wars, so let’s remember them as we analyze this stuff. Most scenarios in a currency war end game [...]

A few more thoughts on energy and currency wars

Path of least resistance for the markets is probably sideways again for now. I’ve been saying that a rangebound market from for a few months wouldn’t be shocking and so it goes. No trades for me today but am still working on oil/energy ideas. I’d love to see one more big whoosh down of 5-10% [...]

Market update, AMBA vs. GPRO plus Cody Kiss & Tell: Oil, Texas real estate, Sony hackathon and more

Greece stocks down 20% in three days’ time. Strangely, it’s not in the headlines at all right now, as it was a few years ago when it was in a financial sovereign crisis. Back in 2011, I wrote: “If you truly think that a default in Greece is going to happen at some point (likely, IMHO, [...]

Trade Alert: Birdie Call Options

Don’t forget this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST. I’ve got an update and want your advice on the new site and (soon thereafter) a TradingWithCody app, so come join us at today so I can get your input. Stocks getting crushed again today, oil and energy leading the way down. I’m [...]

Trade Alert: Can Touch This

The charts legit either work hard, Or you might as well quit  That’s word because you know, Can’t touch this – MC Hammer (Here’s my band The Muddy Souls doing our ‘cover’ version of this song) Markets ebb and flow. Fear builds in a decline, feeding on itself and contributing further to the decline. Greed builds in [...]

Oil, energy, stocks and when we’ll buy next

Oil got crushed again today and the entire energy sector is in fear mode now. It’s best to buy, not to sell into a sector that’s in fear mode, at least most of the time. The question, as it often is, is one of timing. Is it too early to step in and start scaling [...]

Trade Alert: Trimming a big winner and Try to Imagine a Very Different Apple

First off, I’m going to take about 1/5 of my AMBA off the table here. The stock has been on a huge run and it’s far from cheap right now and if the earnings and guidance in its quarterly report tonight aren’t absolutely terrific, it could get walloped. Longer-term, I obviously still very much believe [...]

Cody Kiss & Tell: Scutify hopes, GPRO vs AMBA, Call options, and more

Here’s the transcript to today’s Live Q&A Chat. Lots of good back and forth. I’m here but Robert Marcin called me a few minutes ago to discuss a tech stock I’ve been looking at. Let’s rock, ask me anything. Q. Deadline for entry into Scutify secondary offering is this week. I would like to hear more regarding [...]

Cody’s Latest Positions and other analysis

Don’t forget to join me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST at (or email me your question beforehand and I’ll include it in the chat and transcript). I’ve been doing a bunch of work and analysis on $TWTR and bumped up its Revolution Investing rating a point in reviewing my Latest Positions. I [...]

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