Fog of War and tech earnings previews

From the markets reaction to the Ukraine/Malaysia/Gaza wars and escalating currency and economic wars between Putin’s Russia and the Republican/Democrat Regime’s US, you’d think they’re meaningless. Fog of war makes them important potential Black Swan events. The fog of war (German: Nebel des Krieges) is the uncertainty in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations. The [...]

Yandex, FB, Wars, and the best pot penny stocks to buy now

A couple trading and market notes first. Prayers for all hurt by these conflicts. Traders seem to want to look past the impact of wars, which is unfortunately much more serious and risky to US investors than things like Greek Debt Crises. “U.S. stock futures fell Monday, as investors took in news of a deadly [...]

Trade Alert: Two sells and Cody’s Latest Positions

It’s the end of the rope for our July call options. We made 400% gains on the remaining AAPL July call options that we bought near its annual lows a few months ago and we took sizeable profits already along the way as its risen. Selling the last of them today. Our Twitter call options [...]

Random vittles

Here’s a complete run down of what every tech investor and trader needs to know into the weekend. News of Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine hits stocks - Prayers to all involved with the Malaysian airline missing over Ukraine. Part of my job is to analyze events and their impact on our portfolios and I hate that [...]

Yellen, Greenspan and other high priests of economics (and how to deal with them)

The world is aflutter with the latest and greatest from our US Federal Reserve, a privately-owned bank that pretends to regulate itself somehow. When I worked with the editors at Marketwatch to create Revolution Investing, part of the idea was to help people navigate what I called the Brave New Economy we live in. We’ve [...]

Why we’re getting in front of the Wearables, Drones and Robotics Revolutions

Does anyone out there actually doubt that wearables are going to create whole new billion dollar markets for chip vendors, software and application companies, gadget makers, and so on? I received hundreds of skeptical and often ad hominem emails and thousands of comments from readers and viewers when I used to tout the coming App [...]

Most Inspirational Quotes from Lebron James’ coming home letter

A non-markets note for you. LeBron heading home (I did that recently). He wrote an amazing note about life and responsibility. Count me back on the LeBron bandwagon. Big time. Here are the Top 7 Inspirational Quotes from LeBron James’ coming home letter. Source: 1. “I have a responsibility to lead, in more ways than [...]

Market notes, must-reads, trading ideas and deep thought of the day.

Somber mood out there this morning as the markets open down big. Portugal bank Espirito Santo gets suspended and freaking out the world. On Monday I turned short-term bear writing “Path of least resistance has now turned downward.” So it goes for now. The response from Marketwatch readers on these news round ups I’ve been [...]

Random thoughts

Don’t forget this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST at Random thoughts. Deep Thought of the Day: If you’re stressing too much for comfort over the big hit momo stocks have taken this week, you’re too long. Just something to think about. It’s why I always remind you of these types of moments [...]

Trade Alert – Selling two stocks and noting the markets new path of least resistance

It’s starting to feel sloppy out there, especially amongst the momentum highflying stocks, including some of our own. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t want to chase these stocks up here, and I still wouldn’t. We entered most of these positions at much lower levels than they are currently trading [...]

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