Cody’s Latest Positions

I’ve owned some $XLF puts as a hedge for my broader long portfolio for a few weeks now and I’m down on the trade. I still think they are a decent enough hedge on the rest of the portfolio and am holding mine steady for now. As you guys know, I added some other puts […]

Cody’s Latest Positions

One note – I’ve removed BitCoin from the portfolio listings entirely, as I can’t remember the last time I got paid with a bitcoin and as I’ve noted forever in there, I don’t own a meaningful amount of BitCoins and I don’t want it on there misleading anyone that I own it like an investment. Here’s […]

Cody’s Latest Positions

I’m headed to Orlando to speak at the MoneyShow in Orlando to give a talk: “The Three Most Revolutionary Growth Industries on the Planet” at 8am tomorrow morning. Here’s a list of my latest positions. I’ve broken the list into Longs and Shorts. And from there, I’ve broken down each list into refined categories in […]

Cody’s Latest Positions and other notes

Small caps and bubbles blowing Remember the “$RUT is telling us a major pullback is coming” line of thinking from a couple months ago? $RUT is now hitting all-time highs as I type. The Bubble-Blowing Bull Market continues. We continue to be positioned to benefit but we also continue to look for the next great opportunity as we make sure […]

Cody’s Latest Positions and other analysis

Don’t forget to join me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST at (or email me your question beforehand and I’ll include it in the chat and transcript). I’ve been doing a bunch of work and analysis on $TWTR and bumped up its Revolution Investing rating a point in reviewing my Latest Positions. I […]

Cody’s Latest Positions

Here’s a list of my latest positions (I’m removing the aforementioned four positions that I’m closing out this week, even though I’ll be taking a few days over the next rest of this week to close them). I’ve broken the list into Longs and Shorts. And from there, I’ve broken down each list into refined […]

Cody’s Latest Positions, Scutify rocking, and a hyped-up Ebola stock trading idea

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.11.28 PM

Join Cody Willard at the Las Vegas Trader’s Expo Thursday, November 20, 2014 from 8:30 am – 9:30 am for a presentation that will help you become a better investor and trader for the rest of your life.  10,000 Days: The Shocking Concept That Will Change the Way You Trade and Invest Forever Why are you risking […]

Cody’s Latest Positions PLUS Alibaba IPO analysis and an update on the iPhone suppliers

 ALIBABA IPO I’m waiting patiently to let $BABA work itself out here the first few days at least. Flipping and/or swing trading IPOs like this can be very exciting, but I always ask people to think about the next 10,000 days of their life and their money — is trying to game the swings of an IPO […]

Trade Alert: Portfolio maintenance and a complete run-down of Cody’s Latest Positions

I’ll run through all the positions in my entire portfolio with new ratings for each one. But first a few trades that I’ll be doing this week in the name of portfolio maintenance. I’m closing my positions in: DLTR, IEF, CREE and FEYE. I’ve had many mentors over the years, some famous, some random, and […]

Trade Alert: Two sells and Cody’s Latest Positions

It’s the end of the rope for our July call options. We made 400% gains on the remaining AAPL July call options that we bought near its annual lows a few months ago and we took sizeable profits already along the way as its risen. Selling the last of them today. Our Twitter call options […]

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