Latest Positions in Cody’s cleaned up portfolio

Though it’ll be tomorrow before I get done closing out the positions I mentioned in this morning’s Trade Alert report, I’ve gone ahead and removed them from the Latest Positions list below so as to avoid confusion. Every few weeks I sit down and go through my entire portfolio and rank each position on a […]

Latest Positions and a Trade Alert: Locking in more profits

We have a lot of stocks up big today, which has been a recurring theme for our portfolio during earnings season so far. Many of our biggest positions are at or near all-time highs. If you haven’t done any trimming, consider doing so. Maybe 10-20% of some of these biggest winners or about that same amount […]

A list of my latest positions from my portfolio

Latest Cody Underground Podcast: I talk to Igor Gonta about how to raise money for your start up, the best Big Data/Artificial Intelligence stocks plus Social Networking’s impact on stocks, trading, the markets and you. Click here to listen to it. Here’s a list of my latest positions. I’ve broken the list into Longs and Shorts. […]

Cody’s Latest Positions, ratings, etc

I’m sitting in a big conference room in the University of New Mexico Alumni Hall in Albuquerque meeting individually with five different institutional money managers for our foundation. We’ve had the same money manager for a dozen years and it’s obviously a good idea to occasionally review the process, etc. It’s also absolutely enlightening to […]

Cody’s Latest Positions

I’ve owned some $XLF puts as a hedge for my broader long portfolio for a few weeks now and I’m down on the trade. I still think they are a decent enough hedge on the rest of the portfolio and am holding mine steady for now. As you guys know, I added some other puts […]

Cody’s Latest Positions

One note – I’ve removed BitCoin from the portfolio listings entirely, as I can’t remember the last time I got paid with a bitcoin and as I’ve noted forever in there, I don’t own a meaningful amount of BitCoins and I don’t want it on there misleading anyone that I own it like an investment. Here’s […]

Cody’s Latest Positions

I’m headed to Orlando to speak at the MoneyShow in Orlando to give a talk: “The Three Most Revolutionary Growth Industries on the Planet” at 8am tomorrow morning. Here’s a list of my latest positions. I’ve broken the list into Longs and Shorts. And from there, I’ve broken down each list into refined categories in […]

Cody’s Latest Positions and other notes

Small caps and bubbles blowing Remember the “$RUT is telling us a major pullback is coming” line of thinking from a couple months ago? $RUT is now hitting all-time highs as I type. The Bubble-Blowing Bull Market continues. We continue to be positioned to benefit but we also continue to look for the next great opportunity as we make sure […]

Cody’s Latest Positions and other analysis

Don’t forget to join me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST at (or email me your question beforehand and I’ll include it in the chat and transcript). I’ve been doing a bunch of work and analysis on $TWTR and bumped up its Revolution Investing rating a point in reviewing my Latest Positions. I […]

Cody’s Latest Positions

Here’s a list of my latest positions (I’m removing the aforementioned four positions that I’m closing out this week, even though I’ll be taking a few days over the next rest of this week to close them). I’ve broken the list into Longs and Shorts. And from there, I’ve broken down each list into refined […]

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