100 Stocks for the Clean Tech Revolution

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“The set-up right now for Clean Tech is probably a lot like it was for Telecom/ Dot-com Tech back in about 2002.”   –  Cody Willard

100 Stocks in Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Smart Grid and other Clean Tech Sectors–both long and short ideas–reviewed, analyzed, and ranked.  Investors interested in the Green Revolution Must Have this book for 2013.

I coined the term “Flip It” many years ago, and it essentially is all about being contrarian and objective in your analysis of everything. One of the most important and profitable aspects of “Flipping It” is being willing and able to buy companies in sectors when they are truly hated. And likewise, to short companies in sectors when they are truly loved.

Long-time subscribers and readers of mine will recall that I wrote a series of newsletters and articles about how “Alternative Energy Is Doomed” back when government-backed, subsidized and completely unprofitable Clean and Green companies were coming public and trading at astronomical valuations. Indeed, we added Aone and other Clean Tech companies to the short side of the Revolution Investing portfolio and didn’t cover it until it was close to a dollar, at which time I still declared it to be headed to bankruptcy. AONE’s asset were just bought out of bankruptcy and shareholders got absolutely nothing.

Over the past couple months, I’ve seen a bunch of random headlines, articles and analysis that now declare…wait for it…”Alternative Energy Is Dead.”  It’s not quite my titles, but you get the point — now is the time to “Flip It” when it comes to green energy. I’m no Warren Buffett fan, but you know about his legendary guts in buying contarian/hated sectors and guess what. The Oracle of Omaha is lately investing in Clean Tech.

I’ve got a stock research team that is the best in the business. Believe it or not, everybody who works for me right now, and most of my past employees too, have been long-time subscribers and readers of my services who reached out to me looking for an opportunity. We went to work on the entire Clean Tech Revolution Sector looking for investments, trades and even some short ideas still, especially near-term shorts. The Clean Tech Revolution Sector is indeed now consolidating at pennies on the dollar for both assets and entire companies. The survivors of this consolidation will likely see some huge gains for investors from these levels in years ahead.

The set-up right now for Clean Tech is probably a lot like it was for Telecom/Dot-com Tech back in about 2002. The Great Tech Bubble had popped in 2000 and most every dot-com and telecom stock was trading at a small fraction of where it had been just two years earlier. Cisco was at $8 a share. Apple was at $10. Amazon is up 10-fold since 2002. Google couldn’t even consider coming public despite generating billions of dollars in revenues.

The companies that survived that crash truly became great investments for those willing to dive in after the crash. Indeed, I launched a tech hedge fun in October 2002 for the explicit reason of buying up tech stocks in the carnage.

I’m never planning on running other people’s money again in such a manner, but if I were starting a hedge fund today, I’d sure be looking to figure out what companies will survive and then thrive and which are still doomed.

We’ve broken the book into a dozen sub-categories:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Biofuels and Biomass
  • Energy Storage and Batteries
  • Utilities, Utility Suppliers and Smart Grid Suppliers
  • Electric and Natural Gas Vehicles and Alternative Transportation
  • Nuclear
  • Pollution Control
  • Energy Efficiency and LED Lighting
  • Other, including HydroElectric, Hydrogen, Geothermal and Ocean Power

At the beginning of each category we give an overview of the sub-sector – including important trends and forecasts for global implementation.  Then we provide our traditional Enterprise Value (EV) analysis for each company reviewed and rate the stock on a scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being a perfect short and 10 being a perfect long (note, there are no 1’s or 10’s because there are no perfect investments).  Also, note that a rating of a “5” means we’re neutral on the stock for now, but it’s in our list because the company is on the cusp of doing something—making it big or falling apart.  We want to keep an eye on those “5s” even if we don’t buy or short them today.

Finally, we’ve also included an Appendix at the end of the book ranking all 100 companies by their Revolution Investing Score; within the score categories (all “7s” for example) the companies are ranked alphabetically.  The CleanTech sector they’re in is also listed here.

If you’re serious about being a contrarian investor and trying to find the same kinds of gains I found when I first bought Apple for my hedge fund investors and subscribers back at $7 a share, this is the book for you.






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