Trading with Cody FAQ

I subscribed, but I am now unable to login. What do I do?

Please contact us so we can assist you.

I’m not receiving emails. How can I get on your email notification list?

Check your inbox for a confirmation email. You must click the link from that email in order to opt-in to our list. This confirmation is required by internet law.

If you have a spam blocker or a spam folder, please make sure it is set to receive email from @tradingwithcody.com

If you cannot locate the confirmation email, contact us and we’ll assist you.

Is there a standard portfolio that one can use to invest?

The purpose of TradingwithCody.com is to provide the subscribers with the ability to “piggyback” on Cody’s ideas and analysis as he builds his own portfolio. You will see the stocks and options Cody is buying or shorting, along with the reasons for his portfolio moves.

What is your performance track record?

TradingwithCody.com is not an advisory or a stock picking service; therefore, there is not a published track record. However, Cody’s Revolution Investing model portfolio, his past Telecom Connection model portfolios, and his hedge fund all had spectacular results, far outperforming the broader stock markets and their respective peers.

Does Cody also detail his option trades?

Yes, Cody tells his subscribers what options he’s buying, including their strike prices and expiration dates whenever he buys options, which is typically several times per week.

How do I submit a question to Cody?

There are several ways to submit questions to Cody. You can submit a question in the  Chat Room or your can email a question to support@tradingwithcody.com. Cody also hosts a weekly Q&A in the Chat Room on Wednesday’s at 2:00 p.m. EST where he answers your questions “live”. Due to the large volume of email he receives and his busy schedule, Cody cannot answer every email, but he does personally answer a large number of them and often features subscriber interactions in his posts on the Trading With Cody website.. Customer support will track his questions and work with you to get as many answered in a timely manner as possible.

I sent an email to Cody asking him a question about a company/stock. Why hasn’t he responded?

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of email he receives and his busy schedule, Cody cannot answer every email, but he does personally answer a large number of them and often features subscriber interactions in his posts on the Trading With Cody website. Cody has also hosts a live chat hour with his members on Wednesdays at 2pm EST.

Why don’t I get an email immediately when Cody updates the site?

Email notifications sent out to subscribers can sometimes take up to thirty minutes to reach everyone–and on rare occasions, even longer than that. This has to do with server issues as well as Internet spam prevention protocols.

The best way to get Cody’s intraday updates is to check the site frequently while the market is open, or to follow @TradingWithCody on Twitter.

Where can I find a list of Cody’s portfolio?

You can find “Cody’s List” on the twc.scutify.com website. Once you log into Trading With Cody website with your subscription credentials, simply click on Chat Room and you will find a link to Cody’s list. The list includes Cody’s Long and Short portfolio holdings as well as his Long and Short stocks on his watch list.

As a member of Trading With Cody, do I have access to all Premium Scuttles on Scutify?

As a member of Trading With Cody, you have access to all of Cody’s Premium Scuttles on Scutify. Scuttles contributed by others are purchased at the designated fee.

I’m not happy with my subscription. Can I get a refund?

No, but we can cancel your subscription beginning with the next month. The reason is that once you subscribe, you have access to $300 worth of investment books and time-sensitive trading positions after signing up.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time using the Support Form. If you used your PayPal account, you may go into PayPal and cancel your subscription immediately.

When you cancel your membership, you simply will not be charged a recurring monthly fee beginning the next month. You will have access to the site through the end of the month you’ve most recently paid for. The month is according to the day of the month you paid for your subscription.

For example, if you began your subscription on May 15, but cancel on June 1, you will still have access to the site until June 15. Then, because of the cancellation, your card will not be charged again; however, you will lose access to the site.

We do not pro-rate refunds. See our refund policy above.

What is a tranche?

Cody tranches to scale into his positions rather than just loading up on them all at one price. So if he wants to own 1000 shares of a particular stock, he might start with buying 300 shares and then later add another 300 and so on until he gets to the full 1000 share position he wanted. Defined: tranche tran(t)SH/ noun a portion of something, especially money.; “they released the first tranche of the loan”.

Which website should I use? (tradingwithcody.com or twc.scutify.com)

We recommend using Cody’s newest Trading With Cody website at twc.scutify.com as this site houses the live Chat Room  as well as Cody’s list of his portfolio holdings.  In addition, the new site also links to the mobile apps for Trading With Cody. To download the Trading With Cody app, choose your platform: Trading With Cody iPhone app or the Trading WithCody Android app.Both sites provide access to all of Cody’s articles, Latest Positions and Trade Alerts. The original tradingwithcody.com site also houses Cody’s archived materials. If you would like to access any of the archived materials, contact us and we’ll assist you.

Can I follow Cody on social media?

Absolutely! Follow Cody on Facebook  or  Twitter.

I still have a question.

Non-members, please use our Contact Form.

Members, please use our Support Form.

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