Buying more puts on two names

Today’s action is very much a reverse correlation of the recent action’s directions for most of the markets stocks. That is, the stocks that have run the most of late, like Sandisk and Goldman, both of which we were selling late last week, are down bigger than the broader markets, which are down where they […] and other must-reads

It’s amazing how much you learn about the different content creation/content distribution strategies of the major players like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Comcast/GE, Disney, and the rest of them when you’re building a couple content creation/content distribution companies. In addition to running and adding all these cool new features to for the last few […]

Strategy for driving the length of the field: my latest positions

Good morning and welcome back to the football field, where it’s better to go for long drives with lots of first downs and not just throwing long bombs. The markets are giving back a full percentage point plus from the big gains last week and October looks destined to close down just a bit from […]

I’ll be wrong sometimes

Good morning and welcome back to the garden where the apples sure look tasty.  It’s a nice quiet morning, which, after yesterday’s 3% plus moves in the markets, is probably the best the bulls can hope for right now. I mean, there’s also that 20% move off the lows of late August too.  Wild, wild […]

Update on the Goldman trade

Turns out that when the people in charge force a multi-trillion dollar wealth transfer from the public to the banks, that the bank stocks will go up a bunch.  Oh, and the shorts will squeeze themselves silly, spiking stocks across the board, but not quite as much as the trillion dollar welfare lottery ticket holders […]

Links for today

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about when I wasn’t admiring the dreamy first snow falling on the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico. Sure is pretty! The Dream Team of Investment Managers – David Merkel with an interesting take on some of the best managers in the profession. Will European Debt Solution Work? and Live Updates: Reaction […]

A couple points of clarification and a trade update.

A couple points of clarification and a trade update. Yesterday I bought some GMCR calls because the stock had been crushed on fraud concerns (which will probably prove to be correct, if I had to guess), but on anticipation that their upcoming earnings report would be today and that it would be good enough to […]

Market update and time to lock in half the Akamai gains

The bank investors around the world can breath a sigh of relief today knowing that the taxpayer in Europe (and the US!) will transfer another few trillion dollars from society to their balance sheets in the name of “saving the system”. And just like I’d written earlier this week and again yesterday: “Upshot is that […]

Chat Transcript: GLW, NFLX, BRCM, LPS, and lessons from Baseball

Here’s the transcript of today’s chat. We broke the questions and answers down into two sections as usual — Economy/markets/trading/strategy and Stocks. See you next week at 2pm EST at for more Q&A where you can ask me anything. Economy/markets/trading/strategy Q: Hi Cody, what are your thoughts on the potential outcome of the Summit today? […]

A few trading ideas and a portfolio update

Guys, the day just slipped away from me. I’ve been trying to finish up those OccupyWallStreet posts with all my pictures, but it’s hard work uploading them all. Let’s get a lot of info into this post and I’ll be back later. First, I’ve raised about 30-40% cash now, up from having been more than […]

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