Remember the panics and how to profit from them

It’s Friday. And it’s the last trading day of the year. And we’re going to close out the year at just about the exact same levels we started the year at. Aren’t you glad you didn’t panic when Greece blew up. Or when Greece blew up. Or when Italy blew up. Or when Greece blew […]

New short name

Markets are in rally mode, up 1%, making them about even on the year, which is what they were last week and twelve months ago too. We’ll see more pitches come our way and the only way to continue our vast ourpeformance is to be very different in our approach than just about everybody else. […]

Today’s Links: Obama drops Biden, BNY panics, and thoughts on gold

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about when I was working late into the night: 2012 – Things that will happen – I’ve read and re-read Bruce Krasting’s latest piece here, a fascinating look at the year ahead with lots of suprise predictions. My favorites include: “-Obama will drop Joe Biden from the ticket. Obama […]

Trade Like Dan Marino

“But the kick was never needed. The fake spike proved Marino was most lethal as soon as the defense dropped its guard” — NFL Films Drew Brees set the NFL record for single season passing yardage last night which now stands at 5087 yards. It was rather thrilling and you couldn’t have drawn it up […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Fiscal New Year!

The markets are closed on Monday so unless there’s some emergency, there likely won’t be any posts from me until Tuesday.  In my experience, the markets tend to have a pretty strong upward bias as volumes and attendance and care is low from the pros, few of whom are working from their office or at […]

Three stocks, two longs and a short idea in a pear tree

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know. There’s over a foot of snow on the ground outside on Silver Fox Ranch here in Ruidoso, NM, and it’s still softly coming down. Makes trading stocks seem a little insignificant, except for the fact it takes money to live here […]

Selling the last of the Akamai calls

It’s Christmas week, heading into a three-day Christmas weekend (no markets Monday) and we’ve got a bit of a rally on our hands today. FIO’s continuing its wildly volatile ways, now up nearly 20% from its recent lows which brings it back to where it was this time last week and which means its still […]

Buying some puts in this name

Last week, I detailed the Apollo analysis for you guys. Today, I’ve been putting in some bids on some May 2012 puts with strike prices in the mid $40s right now.  I think APOL’s near-term earnings report, which will come in early January, is unlikely to spur much upside, but this isn’t a short-term bet […]

Near-term markets outlook and locking in profits on one trade

Howdy folks. It’s another range-bound into year-end day at the markets and that’s okay with us. As I’d hinted yesterday though, I do think we’re likely to finally see these markets break their trading range in coming weeks.  There will be year-end window-dressing by both shorts but mostly by the longs and there will be […]

Updated and detailed analysis on LPS

Last week I told you about my newest short, Apollo Group, Inc. APOL +3.08% . New ideas are great but that doesn’t mean we take our eye off our slightly more vintage ones. With that in mind there are pretty significant developments at Lender Processing Services, Inc. LPS +0.07% that merit us taking stock of our short position. Back in March […]

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