Trade Alert: One sell, one nibble

Twitter and Fitbit are two of the few stocks that are down in the portfolio, and let’s address each of them today. Twitter’s user growth has stalled and the company’s doing everything they can to get it growing again. Periscope is going to be huge and is growing steadily but it’s not generating any revenues for the […]

Trade Alert: Tranche buy, FIT secondary, AMAT earnings and more

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.51.48 AM

First off, I’m adding another tranche of FFIV while it’s down today at near 52-week lows. The company is becoming an increasingly important player in the network security industry and has refreshed updates in its product lines about to hit in 2016 which should really drive growth in 2017 after their customers test out and […]

Trade Alert: Trimming big positions while they’re at new all-time highs

The markets have been struggling and fading lower since last week when I had noted: “And I’ll tell you right now once again to stop everything you’re doing and think back to those August lows. If you were in pain or losing sleep over your positions back then, it probably means you should trim back […]

Trade Alert: A new biotech/pharma/pot short PLUS why I’m selling WFM

Two Trade Alerts today. New biotech/pharma/marijuana stock short idea. This market has entered a “No BS” phase. If there’s a whiff of BS in a company’s business model, it’s likely to get crushed and crushed again. Companies like Valeant or $MNK which have been at best aggressive in their accounting get demolished as traders and […]

Trade Alert: Market commentary PLUS streaming vs broadcast analysis

I’m trimming about 1/5th of my common stock long in Fitbit which is up about 20% since we we scaled into more of near $35 back a couple weeks ago. I’m also trimming some Amazon, selling about 1/5th of my position there which is up huge in the last few months. On the flipside, I’m also scaling […]

Trade Alert: Kicking out this loser

“Kick out the jams, I want to kick ’em out So you got to give it up, You know you can’t get enough Miss Mackenzie Cause it gets in your brain, It drives you insane”  – MC5  All right, let’s deal with this loser GoPro. I’m so mad at myself for ever having flipped from long-time bear to […]

Trade Alert: Buying puts on an ETF

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.19.14 AM

Don’t forget to join me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm ET at or on the Trading With Cody app. This is such a great quote: “The prevailing wisdom is that markets are always right. I take the opposite position. I assume that markets are always wrong.” G. Soros. Did you realize […]

Trade Alert: Market notes, Daughter pics, and other commentary

I spent the night lying next to Amaris, who’s growing and getting healthier all the time, til 3:30am. Ready to rock n roll today tho! What’s on your minds? Markets commentary: I still think there’s room to the upside near-term as money managers and many investors still have quite a bit of money on sidelines […]

Trade Alert: When you feel really smart…

Scuttle: @CodyWillard $GOOG $AMZN are doing awesome in AH, $SNDK takeover this week. Probably, one of the best weeks this year for your portfolio. Congrats! $$$ I’ve got butterflies in my stomach because our Trading With Cody  portfolio is having the kind of week it’s having. Two of our three largest positions are at new […]

Trade Alert: Locking in some profits from our homerun Pandora short

Not many traders ever get to see two of their shorts down 40% or more in a single week. But with Pandora -35% today on top of the 10% decline it’d seen earlier this week on top of our Valeant short from last week getting cut in half this week, we’re indeed in that position. […]

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