Trade Alert: Taking profits on half of my $GOOG call options

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.35.07 AM

Trim, tranche, ebb and flow. Keep it steady as she goes using the playbook we’ve developed of scaling into and out of Revolution Investments as we get opportunities over time. Back on December 18, I wrote: “I am buying a small first tranche of call options in GOOG, dated out into January 2016 with strike [...]

Energy crash’s impact on the economy, Fully updated SSYS analysis PLUS Trade Alert: Trimming more AMBA

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.10.17 AM

I’m going to trim another 10% of my Ambarella position after seeing it hit yet another all-time high this morning. The stock is down a little bit now on the day but I am going to go ahead and trim it down just a little bit more as it is one of my biggest positions [...]

Trade Alert: Scaling into two of my favorite tech stocks

Last week, I’d noted that I’d want to scale into $GOOG below $490 and into $SNDK below $90. We’re here. I’m following my playbook. I’m scaling into a 1/6th size tranche position in GOOG common stock. I’m scaling into a 1/5th size tranche position in SNDK common stock today too. We’ve owned both of these [...]

Oil’s least expected outcome PLUS Trade Alert: Syna nibble

I’m going to buy a third tranche of Synaptics here. This will get $SYNA to about 3/5 of a “full” position for me in this name though it’s still one of my smaller positions as I’m still continuing to build it per my playbook of scaling into my stock picks over time. Now onto today’s [...]

Trade Alert: Adding to Synaptics PLUS analysis on Sony and Facebook

I heard you on the wireless back in Fifty Two Lying awake intent at tuning in on you If I was young it didn’t stop you coming through They took the credit for your second symphony Rewritten by machine and new technology and now I understand the problems you can see I met your children [...]

Trade Alert: Trimming my two biggest positions

Need a last minute holiday gift that doesn’t look last minute and doesn’t require any last minute delivery? Give the gift of Call (646) 397-7244 or just reply to this email asking for more details and Rene will set up a monthly ($99) or an annual subscription (holiday special for $700) gift for your dad, [...]

Trade Alert: Buying long-dated GOOG options and Cody Kiss & Tell

Stocks on fire as the ol “Fed’s inflating asset bubbles” logic dawns on everybody. So it goes in this time of great market manipulation. We’ve been positioned for this and predicting these ongoing bubble blowing bull markets for the last four years. But nothing wrong with letting off the gas pedal and having raised some [...]

4 near-term catalysts for the next stock market crash redux PLUS Trade Alert: Selling my smallest position

Millions of innocent people who just want to work and contribute to a global community who live in Russia and the Ukraine and all over the world who are suffering as a result of all these currency wars, so let’s remember them as we analyze this stuff. Most scenarios in a currency war end game [...]

Trade Alert: Birdie Call Options

Don’t forget this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST. I’ve got an update and want your advice on the new site and (soon thereafter) a TradingWithCody app, so come join us at today so I can get your input. Stocks getting crushed again today, oil and energy leading the way down. I’m [...]

Trade Alert: Can Touch This

The charts legit either work hard, Or you might as well quit  That’s word because you know, Can’t touch this – MC Hammer (Here’s my band The Muddy Souls doing our ‘cover’ version of this song) Markets ebb and flow. Fear builds in a decline, feeding on itself and contributing further to the decline. Greed builds in [...]

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