Trade Alert: Airing out the portfolio

One of the biggest pitfalls for most investors and traders is that they sell their winners and keep their losers. Similarly, another big pitfall for most investors and traders is holding onto legacy positions simply because they’ve owned them for a while and end up growing complacent. We are not most investors and traders and, […]

Trade Alert: Scaling in amidst the panic

Remember just 32 days ago, I wrote this: We have a lot of stocks up big today, which has been a recurring theme for our portfolio during earnings season so far. Many of our biggest positions are at or near all-time highs. If you haven’t done any trimming, consider doing so. Maybe 10-20% of some of […]

Trade Alert: Using the mini-crash to buy some stock back

Time to do some more nibbling into what is becoming a panicky sell-off Mini-Me Crash. I’m nibbling some Ambarella AMBA common stock at $88 per share and some Apple $AAPL common stock at $108 per share here right now. And here’s a few more Q&A for you. Q. Do you think we will see a rate […]

Trade Alert: Gold miner trim and two nibbles

Markets don’t go straight up. Pullbacks happen. Fear builds. Panic selling starts. And feeds on itself. And then we put in a bottom. Stocks can fall farther. Traders who bought yesterday looking for a bounce that never came are selling today. Investors who have had big gains but now have smaller gains will want to […]

Trade Alert: A Pure Play on IoT and Cloud Networking

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.41.28 PM

I’ve got a new name I want to start scaling into. I’ve been working on this name since I met up with one of my old idols, George Gilder, back a few weeks ago when I MC’d the San Francisco Tech/Biotech Money Show. The company is one of the single purest plays on the Internet-of-Things movement and […]

Trade Alert: Trimming some gold miners, looking at some buys

With the DJIA down 10% over the last few months, and with some panic in the selling today, I’m thinking the path of least resistance from now til year-end is probably HIGHER. Lots of stocks to consider nibbling on now, including: Sony, Synaptics, Twitter, Whole Foods, Apple, Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, Amazon. Gold and gold miners […]

Trade Alert: Updates on China, energy, Twitter, WFM, Google and Iconix

  China’s going to let their currency devalue a bit and that’s a classic macro-economic news bite that the media will love to glom onto, but that probably doesn’t matter much to our overall thesis and economy and playbook and markets here in the US. Remember the same rinse-and-repeat macro-economic news cycle of panic to […]

Trade Alert: Two nibbles and an update on my newborn

Hi all, just a reminder that I’ve been at the hospital with my newborn daughter for the last week as we are scheduled to take her to our Albuquerque rental home tomorrow. She has miraculously improved her health and functioning every day for six weeks now and she is probably the healthiest and happiest Trisomy […]

Trade Alert: A brand new Wearables stock pick

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.38.58 AM

As per our playbook, I’ve been patient in waiting for good pitches before taking swings. This week, in the midst of this current stock market weakness, I’ve started nibbling on some of my favorite long-term Revolution Investing stocks and now I’m going to step in and add a new name to the portfolio. Let’s look […]

Trade Alert: Buying some more Twitter

On a personal note, my daughter Amaris is pulling through remarkably well. She might be the single happiest and healthiest Trisomy 13 baby in history, and she’s blowing all the doctors’ minds. She’s got a tracheal tube, a gastro tube and lots of monitors, and my wife and I spend most days at the hospital […]

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