Trade Alert: QQQ profits PLUS A look back and ahead

A few housekeeping items and other notes to start. I’m going to sell 1/3 of my QQQ call options that I’d bought into the teeth of the Brexit panic, locking in some profits but leaving 2/3 of the position on the sheets. BenjaminGraham wrote: “Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it.” That is simply of the […]

Trade Alert: Two small tranches


I came down with the flu or something last night and am aching and miserable today. I’m going to do another small tranche of buying today, but am not rushing into anything. Then I’m headed to the doctor. I’m buying a small tranche of common stock in NVDA and Fitbit. PS. We celebrated miracle baby Amaris’ […]

Trade Alert: Adding to Teenager Stock Basket and life in the NYC fast lane

We see a heck of bounce back in the stock market again today after yet another down day yesterday, which came on the heels of an up day Friday…such is the way the market has traded for two weeks now.  Net/net we are right now in the middle of the trading range of 17, 000 […]

Trade Alert: Teenager Stock Basket

Teenager Stock Analysis Image #1

The broader stock markets remain close to their all-time highs, but there has been utter carnage in many individual stocks out there, many of which are down 50% or 60% or in some cases, as you’ll see below, are down 80-90% even as their fundamental outlook have improved over the last year or so. Unlike […]

Trade Alert: Trimming some Amazon

Stocks have had a chance to catch the breath here with a small pullback and grind after two months of straight up rally action. I’m finding some interesting valuations in some high potential Revolution Investing type stocks, so stay tuned for those. In the latest Cody Underground podcast, I interview the one and only Todd Harrison of […]

Trade Alert: Shorting more of this highflyer and a Fitbit update

The market is punishing most any stock that fits the following criteria: Highflyers, especially not profitable highflyers Disappointing earnings reports and/or guidance Is in the solar industry Has been attacked in public by a shortseller Has the stock symbol $AAPL I’ve been adding some shorts and reducing our longs and, along with having some SPY […]

Trade Alert: Shorting a highflyer and letting go of F5

Two trades today: One short (HUBS) and one sell (FFIV), as I’m removing yet another one of our long positions. I’ve got a new short position I want to start scaling into today — $HUBS. I’ll give you the upshot of the longer form analysis below that I worked with Liam Garrity-Rokus on. Hubspot helps […]

Trade Alert: Margin of safety

After two and half months of a market that has been going almost straight up, you would think we were do for a pull back. There is an old saying that “the market will punish the greatest number of participants as often as possible”, if I may paraphrase. Of course, time frame can make anybody […]

Trade Alert: Taking some profits on Amazon

It wouldn’t shock me to see the markets pull back 2-3% or so here, if only to re-embolden the shorts but not quite give the underinvested longs a chance to get long. Then we rally right on into new all-time highs in the $DJIA and $SPX? Or, another thought — whatever happened to sideways market […]

Trade Alert: An options trade in Fitbit

Let’s talk about the small options trade I’m making. I’m going to buy some longer-dated FitBit $FIT call options. I’m going to take a small amount of capital and buy some Fitbit call options that expire out in June with strike prices around $17-18. What’s really impressive about those $FIT Alta and Blaze numbers is […]

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