Trade Alert and please take Cody’s survey

I was on the road for doctor visits the last couple work days and got back last night. I’m back full-speed again today, but please bear with me as we have a few more doctor visits that will require some travel in the days and weeks ahead before my second daughter is due in July. I’m […]

Trade Alert: New basket of security stocks

You’ve all seen the headlines and many of you have been victimized by the exploding world of hacking. Target, Best Buy, American Express, ApplePay — they’ve all been in the headlines lately for being on the wrong side of hackers who steal their customers credit cards, identities and other nefarious (and more important to us) […]

Trade Alert: INTC, BKS and AAPL updates

Ugly open, to say the least. I’ve been waiting for a sharp sell-off to put some money back to work, now looking at my Watch List and Longs for some slow motion scaling in and maybe a cover of a short or two. And to start with, I’m nibbling on some Intel common stock. Intel’s […]

Trade Alert: Nibbling on fast food puts and other notes

TRADE ALERT I’m going to start slowly but surely scaling into a few McDonald’s $MCD puts. I’m using puts instead of common stock because the premiums on the puts are negligible and by using put options, I am limiting any losses to the small amount of capital I’m using to buy these options. I’m buying a […]

How the Apple Watch changes everything (PLUS Trade Alert: BKS)

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.46.42 AM

Barnes and Nobel BKS up 7% today on news that they’re going to spin off their college books business. Remember when the stock popped and later crashed when BKS announced they would spin off their Nook business? I think this is a similar set-up here. That said, I’m about sick of the losses on this […]

How Apple got to my $1000 per share target (and Trade Alert: Solar profits)

First Solar making a big move today, and is now up nearly 50% from its recent lows. More on the FSLR, $SPWR deal, as both stocks are up 15%+ today on news they are in advanced negotiations to form a joint YieldCo vehicle (the YieldCo) to which they each expect to contribute a portfolio of […]

Trade Alert: Taking big profits on SYNA, TWTR (and random thoughts)

Have a great weekend, everybody! Well, I blew it on the Intuit. Main reason that $INTU is up today despite the ugly earnings report and lowered guidance — I think we weren’t the only ones betting against the company thinking that the earnings and guidance would be even worse apparently. It’s why I called the trade […]

Trade Alert: INTU (and full report on Gold vs Oil for the next five years)

For the more aggressive traders of you out there, take a look at buying some $INTU Intuit puts into the earnings report tonight. I think the TurboTax competition has heated up and as one of our TradingWithCody members noted a couple weeks ago: $INTU TurboTax site is down right now…middle of tax season…on top of […]

Trade Alert: Apple trim and analysis for each of the portfolio positions

Five years ago when the Greece-contagion EU/Euro Financial Crisis first started rearing its ugly head, I used to write that I’d prefer to see the EU/Euro collapse as it has failed to create any prosperity but has been used as a means to prop up central banks and corrupt corporatist governments in Europe. I’ve always […]

Trade Alert: Some SYNA profits and 3-D printing a big egg

A couple trades I’m making: I’m going to trim about 1/5th of my Synaptics call options that we’d bought before the earnings report. I’m up more than double on them and I’ve also got a pretty good-sized position in SYNA common stock which is also up nicely. I’m selling my Stratasys. Mea culpa. 3-D printing […]

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