Trade Alert: Twitter Twim

Do you guys have an interest in doing a Conference Call version of our Weekly Live Q&A over the phone every few months? We could record it and make it a Cody Underground Podcast and publish the transcript afterward. Let me know and if there’s enough interest, we’ll work on setting it up. Don’t forget […]

Trade Alert: Start hedging against the election

Last night as I was going to close my computer to take it upstairs with me to stay overnight with my medically-fragile (but less so than ever!) daughter, Amaris, I saw a Trump’s and Hilary’s picture on a headline on Scutify. My happiness about playing, feeding and trying to sleep with my daughter as I […]

Trade Alerts: Profit locks and a hedge

Time to add another small tranche to my recent QQQ put position that is to work as a hedge. Nothing big, just another round about the same size as my last purchase of puts with September expirations and $110 strike price. Likewise, I’m going to trim a little, maybe 10-15% of each of the following […]

Trade Alert: Economy, market, hedging, trimming

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.02.46 AM

I am in meetings all day today, so we will need to cancel today’s Q&A. If you have any questions, please email them to me at, and I’ll be sure to answer you directly. Let’s talk about the market and the economy and just sort of get a reality check about where we are in […]

Trade Alert: Locking in more profits on several positions

Let’s do some housekeeping. It’s time to lock in some more profits. I’m going to sell the last of my QQQ call options that we bought into the depth of the Brexit panic, locking in some very nice short-term profits, as these call options have more than tripled or quadrupled since those panicky lows, depending on when […]

Trade Alert: Locking in some QQQ and AXGN profits

DJIA back above 18,000. Aren’t you glad you didn’t panic when the media and so many other people were panicking over Brexit? Aren’t you glad you did a little buying when others were fearful? I’m going to make a couple trades this morning, locking in some profits. I’m selling 1/3 of my remaining QQQ call […]

Trade Alert: Buying the Uber/Netflix of real estate

A couple weeks ago, we had the following discussion about Zillow in the Trading With Cody Chat Room: Cody, I just received this in my email from Zillow. It is a rental property manager toolkit, which is ingenious and helpful. I believe it will drive folks not only to Zillow, but to use Zillow to list their rental […]

Trade Alert: QQQ profits PLUS A look back and ahead

A few housekeeping items and other notes to start. I’m going to sell 1/3 of my QQQ call options that I’d bought into the teeth of the Brexit panic, locking in some profits but leaving 2/3 of the position on the sheets. BenjaminGraham wrote: “Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it.” That is simply of the […]

Trade Alert: Two small tranches


I came down with the flu or something last night and am aching and miserable today. I’m going to do another small tranche of buying today, but am not rushing into anything. Then I’m headed to the doctor. I’m buying a small tranche of common stock in NVDA and Fitbit. PS. We celebrated miracle baby Amaris’ […]

Trade Alert: Options nibble

Nothing shocking, no drastic moves for me today. I am going to bid on some QQQ call options into the close, starting a tiny toehold position in them today. Looking at QQQ call options that will expire in August or so with strike prices around $105 or $106. Again, just a tiny toe hold tranche, […]

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