Trade Alert: How to stop the dirty deeds

Pick up the phone, I’m always home Call me any time Just ring 36 24 36 hey I lead a life of crime Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap – AC/DC, Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap Let’s update the analysis on each of the stocks from our Security Basket. Splunk – I love how Splunk describes its […]

Trade Alert: Buying more Peanuts (and check out the new TWC Android App!)

I’m personally going to nibble a second tranche of ICON here today, just slowly building it up over time as per our playbook. The stock has been flat for the last week since we first added it to the portfolio with a first small tranche and I’m leaving myself room to buy more of it […]

Trade Alert: Betting on Peanuts

One of the keys to Revolution Investing is to find a trend, theme or technological disruption that is driving new demand in the marketplace and therefore creating new valuations for companies that are positioned to benefit from said trend, theme or technological disruption. In hedge fund land, we call such an approach “Top Down” because […]

Make sure you follow me on the Futr apps PLUS Trade Alert: Two trims

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.47.08 AM

First, make sure you download the Futr Messaging App, and use the “Find” function to search for “Cody” and Follow me on Futr. I’ll be sending out some 1 minute video clips with some fun/funny markets, stock, political and other commentary to my Futr followers. Don’t worry, it’s not a requirement and I won’t be […]

Trade Alert: Yandex/Pandora pair trade and Full Netflix Analysis

Here’s a pair trade idea I’m working on right now — buying $YNDX Yandex common stock and pairing it with a short $P Pandora common stock. Yandex is up 20% since I flagged it as looking like it was finally bottoming around $14 or so, and I think it’s headed back into the $20s and […]

Trade Alert: How I am playing the biotech sector right now

Don’t forget to join me for this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST today at Also, please take this survey I created to help us make Trading With Cody even better. Thanks again for being a subscriber and part of the TWC community. Trading With Cody subscriber survey Let’s talk markets and direction here. […]

Trade Alert and please take Cody’s survey

I was on the road for doctor visits the last couple work days and got back last night. I’m back full-speed again today, but please bear with me as we have a few more doctor visits that will require some travel in the days and weeks ahead before my second daughter is due in July. I’m […]

Trade Alert: New basket of security stocks

You’ve all seen the headlines and many of you have been victimized by the exploding world of hacking. Target, Best Buy, American Express, ApplePay — they’ve all been in the headlines lately for being on the wrong side of hackers who steal their customers credit cards, identities and other nefarious (and more important to us) […]

Trade Alert: INTC, BKS and AAPL updates

Ugly open, to say the least. I’ve been waiting for a sharp sell-off to put some money back to work, now looking at my Watch List and Longs for some slow motion scaling in and maybe a cover of a short or two. And to start with, I’m nibbling on some Intel common stock. Intel’s […]

Trade Alert: Nibbling on fast food puts and other notes

TRADE ALERT I’m going to start slowly but surely scaling into a few McDonald’s $MCD puts. I’m using puts instead of common stock because the premiums on the puts are negligible and by using put options, I am limiting any losses to the small amount of capital I’m using to buy these options. I’m buying a […]

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