Trade Alert – Locking in some profits on some shorts

Ebb when the markets flow and vice versa. We trimmed and got less long at the highs, and now we gently start to get more long exposure as the markets tank. Two more trades to tell you about that I’m doing here. I’m covering about 1/3 of my GSVC short, which is my biggest short [...]

Trade Alert – Learn from my mistake as I cover JPM

Before you ever start trading or investing, you have to have a game plan and an understanding that you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to sometimes buy a stock that goes down. Or you’ll short a stock that goes up. Or you’ll buy some call options that expire the day before the company gets [...]

Trade Alert – Ciena tranche buy and the regulators actually listened to me!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.46.43 AM

One trade to tell you about this morning. I’m buying about a 1/5 tranche in Ciena, which is currently my smallest position in the long side of the portfolio. Still will be one of my smallest positions and I’ll be looking to add another tranche to it in coming days or weeks. One short-side trades [...]

Trade Alert – Half a cover, small tranche trim, and the chart of the day

Well, it’s sure ugly out there again. Especially in the momentum stocks and in retail stocks. You’ve got Tesla down another 3% and the 3-D Printing stocks like DDD and VJET down 5% across the board, the retailers like Sears down and Barnes & Nobel down 20% and 5% respectively, and lots of other ugly [...]

Trade Alert – Buying back some FB as planned. And a complete run-down of my Latest Positions

On March 10, when $FB was above $70 a share, I sent out the following Trade Alert – I am however going to trim down a bit of our biggest position, Facebook, just to lock in some more profits. I’m stepping back in and buying exactly as many shares of Facebook as I sold on [...]

Trade Alert – A high risk/high reward trade on a Russian stock

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.29.57 AM

Ego. Pride. Confidence. These are important traits for anybody, frankly. But they are also your enemy when it comes to trading, investing and analyzing stocks, markets, economies and anything else. I bring this up because I got a great Scuttle sent to me today where a member asked me about Yandex $YNDX. naveenneogi Posted [...]

Trade Alert – Two tranche buys and one tranche short-sell

Markets hitting all-time highs again. Many of our stocks are catching momentum again this week too. Steady as she goes though. I’ve got a few small trades I want to make, just to help balance out the portfolio and to put some money behind the places I think are most likely to move up next. [...]

Trade Alert – Cutting another long and updates on two hedges

Turn around and face ‘em, Pump pump and fade ‘em now. Bone come break ‘em down Taking no shorts, no losses, man – Bone Thugs n Harmony When I first got to Wall Street, I read everything I could get my hands on about how the markets work, how to invest and trade, how to [...]

Trade Alert – Buying silver bars on sale (and watch my bitcoin interview)

ExOne’s disappointing results put it in the penalty box for now. I’m making some calls and doing some more homework on it, but I am not impressed with the results or guidance. Meanwhile, I did just buy some more silver bars. Apmex is doing a great deal TODAY ONLY on eBay - You get two [...]

Trade Alert – Correction to put purchase and Weekly Q&A will be at 4pm EST

As a correction to my last trade alert — I’m NOT buying April and May XRT puts. I am buying buy the JUNE XRT puts with a strike price of $80. June, that is, not May or April. Also, I have an important meeting today at noon (2pm EST) so we will do the chat [...]

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