Trade Alert: Panicky action, buying call options on two stocks

Okay, I’m sensing some panic into the close here and I’m going to take a shot at nibbling at some longs here. I’m buying some Amazon call options, dated out to May with $540 or $545 or so strikes on them. And I’m buying some Netflix call options dated out to June with some $95 or […]

Trade Alert: Taking some profits on our Sony call options

First off, be sure to check out and the new Headlne apps! Headlne is a new news app from the creators of Scutify and part of the Scutify family of apps. Headlne is a new way to stay up with the most important news and real-time headlines. Many news outlets get their stories out on social media long […]

Trade Alert: Locking in profits from last week’s options buys

Stocks up early. Oil +7% to almost $35. I’d mentioned I’d bought some $UA and $FB earnings into those panicky lows last Wednesday and both of those companies reported blowout earnings. We caught both of the two largest movers in the earnings reports today with our call options that we bought when the $DJIA was down -550 at last Wednesday. Under […]

Trade Alert: Economic analysis, stock market set-up, shorting IBB

In the Trading With Cody Chat Room this weekend, @jakef1111 wrote to me: “Your mindset doesn’t seem the same as when you were as bullish and shrugging off crisis after crisis like Greece, Cyprus, EU, Middle East tension, Russia/Ukraine etc… Do you see us having another leg down? Are you still positive on the year?” He’s exactly […]

Trade Alert: Doing some buying as the bulls panic

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.03.04 AM

I’ve been saying we probably need a down -800 day on the $DJIA to wash out this market. That said, looking at the carnage out there, I sense there’s some panic in the air today already. Finally. Here’s a sampling of random names getting killed this morning: Clearly I should have been just bearish and short […]

Trade Alert: Cycle analysis as I sell two more stocks

Markets cycle. Here’s a video from my Fox Business TV show back in July 2008, in which I outline that: “I used to poke fun all the time at the permabears for not being able to recognize the boom times for what they were, say from 2003 to 2007. Oil, real estate, unemployment, inflation, the dollar, […]

Trade Alert: Selling the IBB puts

Turns out the IBB puts have been a pretty decent hedge after all. I bought January IBB puts back in October to help hedge the portfolio against a major market sell-off and they have kicked in as the markets have tanked so far this year. They expire tomorrow and with the $280 strike prices now […]

Trade Alert: Profits on P and scaling into more QCOM

I’d been saying for the last few days that I’d likely do some more buying if we had a -400 day on the DJIA and here are down big on the day. I’m going to take the opportunity to do open up a little more long exposure and raise some more cash from our shorts. Pandora […]

Trade Alert: Trimming some IBB puts

The markets have faded lower all day, and I’m still waiting for another whoosh down before getting aggressive in my buying. Still heavy on cash, still being patient as we scale into some more long exposure and today I’m scaling out of a little bit of short exposure. It’s probably not a bad idea to […]

Trade Alert: New name for the portfolio

I’ve spent a lot of time pouring over the 77 different stocks that people requested me to analyze. I’m almost done writing the analysis out for each stock for the upcoming “Stocks Requested for 2016: Cody Willard analyzes your stock picks” ebook that I’ll share with you Trading With Cody subscribers. Out of all those stocks […]

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