4 near-term catalysts for the next stock market crash redux PLUS Trade Alert: Selling my smallest position

Millions of innocent people who just want to work and contribute to a global community who live in Russia and the Ukraine and all over the world who are suffering as a result of all these currency wars, so let’s remember them as we analyze this stuff. Most scenarios in a currency war end game [...]

Trade Alert: Birdie Call Options

Don’t forget this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm EST. I’ve got an update and want your advice on the new TradingWithCody.com site and (soon thereafter) a TradingWithCody app, so come join us at http://TradingWithCody.com/chat today so I can get your input. Stocks getting crushed again today, oil and energy leading the way down. I’m [...]

Trade Alert: Can Touch This

The charts legit either work hard, Or you might as well quit  That’s word because you know, Can’t touch this – MC Hammer (Here’s my band The Muddy Souls doing our ‘cover’ version of this song) Markets ebb and flow. Fear builds in a decline, feeding on itself and contributing further to the decline. Greed builds in [...]

Trade Alert: Trimming a big winner and Try to Imagine a Very Different Apple

First off, I’m going to take about 1/5 of my AMBA off the table here. The stock has been on a huge run and it’s far from cheap right now and if the earnings and guidance in its quarterly report tonight aren’t absolutely terrific, it could get walloped. Longer-term, I obviously still very much believe [...]

Trade Alert: Food pain and school gain

Trying to come up with a unique gift idea for that special investor in your life? Take advantage of the 40% savings in TradingWithCody.com’s $700 annual subscription rate from our Holiday Special Offering to give a valuable gift to your father, your mother, your nephew in college or whoever you think would benefit from becoming a better [...]

My Apple strategy now and some questions you should be asking yourself

Get TradingWithCody.com for only $58/month. For the holiday season, I’m offering another 30% off the $999 annual subscription price to TradingWithCody.com. Click here to take advantage of this rare offer. http://tradingwithcody.com/holiday-special/ $AAPL‘s market cap is within 1% of making it the first $700BB company in the history of the planet. I remember when $CSCO was worth $500BB back in the [...]

Trade Alert: Buying food stock and three revolutions you must get in front of

Oil and the dollar. Each is making some big moves over the last few weeks and months. Meanwhile, stocks just keep climbing. I’m going to add a small tranche, about 1/5 of a full position of common stock of Whole Foods, as it’s still not quite a full size position for me. I spent most [...]

Trade Alert: Another (very speculative!) BK Trade

Good morning and welcome back to the merry-go-round. Don’t let them spin you around so fast you can’t hang on. I’ve got another highly speculative, very risky short-term bankruptcy trade I’m putting on today – Dendreon DNDN filed for bankruptcy today. Remember that the idea of the bankruptcy trade is to wait until a once [...]

Trade Alert: Raising cash and reducing risk

Join me at the Las Vegas Trader’s Expo Thursday, November 20, 2014 from 8:30 am – 9:30 am for a presentation that will help you become a better investor and trader for the rest of your life called, “10,000 Days: The Shocking Concept That Will Change the Way You Trade and Invest Forever.” Oil collapsing again today. [...]

Trade Alert: Analyzing the social stock sphere

Stocks up nicely again this week and now up pretty huge from those panicky Ebola lows a couple weeks ago. Have you trimmed anything? Should you? Now’s the time — sell when you can, not when you have to. Yelp took a 15% hit last week, after they guided for next quarter to be about 2% [...]

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