Trade Alert: Making moves in FB, GOOG, Z and EWY

I’m making a quite few trades today. Trimming some longs to lock in some profits, removing one long and adding to a short. Facebook’s stock has been climbing for weeks and is at all-time highs and the market cap of this company is now over $400 billion. The company’s only been around for 13 years, which means it’s […]

Trade Alert: Everybody’s Confident

I have spent the last two months crisscrossing this country and meeting with dozens of Wall-Streets, hedge fund managers, brokers, sports agents, celebrity publicists, executives from publicly-traded companies, and talking with lots of Uber drivers too. The single most obvious recurring theme is the confidence that people seem to have right now. I can’t remember […]

Trade Alert: Shorting a small cap ETF and a tech stock

So, let’s make a couple small trades. The six month chart on every major index is getting rather extended and while I remain quite bullish on our stocks specifically and somewhat bullish about the stock markets for the next year and five years and ten years and most importantly, for the next 10,000 days. I […]

Trade Alert: Why I’m selling some Apple now

Remember back in late 2015 and early 2016 when the stock markets were crashing, fears were high and Apple was near $100/share? That’s when Apple was a relatively “safe” stock to buy and that’s exactly what Trading With Cody subscribers and I were doing. Read these Trade Alerts from back then and try to remember how […]

Trade Alert: Gold Standard of Network Security

I just landed in LA-LA Land. Why is it raining here? Why doesn’t anyone in LA know how to drive in the rain? I am headed over to AEG Headquarters for my first meeting. Four more after that today and a whole bunch more this week. Stay tuned for more. Today I am revisiting a […]

Trade Alert: Adding to these ETF shorts

The DJIA just crossed 20k for the first time ever! Well, I mean the DJIA just fell below 20k for the first ever since it had risen above it last week and everybody was talking about how the 20k level had ushered in a new world of investor optimism. We were joking about DJIA 40k in last […]

Trade Alert: A QCOM sell & two tranche buys

Morning folks, I’m baaaack. Crazy trip to Boston, NYC and back again, and I have lots of stories to tell you, names to drop for you, and insights about the economy to share with you. First things first though. Let’s catch up on some trading and our stocks. Do you realize how few newsletter writers, analysts, […]

Trade Alert: Giga nibble (and remembering panic)

I don’t think “greed” is running rampant amongst investors and traders just now, but certainly there’s a lot of complacency out there. I just want you all to think about how many different geopolitical, economic, war-escalating, Black Swan and otherwise scary things can and will be impacting yours and the markets’ psychology, emotional state and, […]

Trade Alert: Buying some giga mega kilo bytes, mon

I have a Revolution Investment stock pick that I want to add to the portfolio. It’s called Gigamon, the symbol is GIMO, and here’s the story. Hackers, cyber threats and the giant move to the cloud is making network security more important than ever. As a pure play on that, Gigamon’s website explains why their products and services are […]

Un-Trade Alert: Market notes, analysis and Steady Betty

Some wild early morning action in the stock markets, tech specifically. Looks like most any stock related to high tech and/or high beta took a major hit early into the trading day with some names like $NVDA down 7% and $QCOM down 4% and $Z down 6% at their lows. The stocks have since bounced […]

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