Trade Alert: Scaling into more Sony

Troops on the ground, war escalating, currency wars in full fog, and the markets keep chugging right along. Steady as she goes til she stops, I guess. I’m looking to scale into some of my long positions that I’m still slowly building. The bulls are scared while the bears are dead. I’ve been saying that [...]

Trade Alert: Removing CIEN and JDSU plus Updated Analysis for BKS, INVN

Let’s run through some of our positions to update our analysis. Barnes & Nobles (Short) – I have a soft stop-loss in my head at about $24 in this short that has gone against us from the start this go around. Barnes & Nobles knows it can’t be a brick and mortar retailer of books [...]

Trade Alert: Taking a tranche of profits on JRJC puts PLUS Analysis on Apple, The Fed and the Alibaba IPO

The trade I am slowly putting out some offers to sell about 1/5 of my JRJC puts. I never was able to borrow any shares to short on JRJC but I did get filled on my some my puts from a couple weeks ago when I’d written: “Here’s one I’m trying to short right now and [...]

Trade Alert – Scaling into our new pick using the usual tranche buying approach

No Live Q&A Chat this week. Sorry.  I’m at the Dallas Airport on my way to NYC to speak at the All-Stars of Options Trading Expo. My speech is: Friday, Sep 12, 2014 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM :Educational Presentation A Straightforward Approach to Using Options in Your Portfolio Astor Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis And [...]

Trade Alert: A Wearable Revolution Stock that will surprise you

$AAPL now up 3%+ at day’s highs as news of of Apple Pay confirmed and the pricing of the new iPhones hits. Mobile payments service will be called Apple Pay. Apple iPhone 6 costs $199-$399, 6 Plus $299-$499 with contract. iPhone 6, 6 Plus will include Secure Element chip to encrypt payment info for Apple. Steady as [...]

Trade Alert – Shorting a hyped up, lousy tech stock (and analysis for our wearables stock picks too)

I told you recently that I’m on the lookout for Bubbled Lousy Stocks to short. Here’s one I’m trying to short right now and am bidding on some puts dated in October and January 2015 with strike prices ranging from $12.50 to down to $10s — JRJC. It’s a crappy, hyped up Chinese Internet stock [...]

Trade Alert: Hedging my fruit and a new way to think about your money

I am looking at my largest position, Apple, and wondering if I should nibble a couple put options to hedge it a little bit. There’s a lot of love flowing towards Apple these days, and very little bearishness. Recall that we’d added AAPL call options back when it was in the $70s and trimmed them [...]

Trade Alert: Portfolio maintenance and a complete run-down of Cody’s Latest Positions

I’ll run through all the positions in my entire portfolio with new ratings for each one. But first a few trades that I’ll be doing this week in the name of portfolio maintenance. I’m closing my positions in: DLTR, IEF, CREE and FEYE. I’ve had many mentors over the years, some famous, some random, and [...]

Trade Alert: A few small tranche buys and searching for the next tech stock to crash

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 9.40.08 AM

First a couple updates: 1. I’m going to go back in and nibble a small tranche in several of the names, I’ve recently added to the portfolio and that I’ve been slowly but surely building. Today’s round of buying is what I’m calling a “small tranche” meaning that I’m buying about 1/5 of what I [...]

Trade Alert – Patience is a virtue

Travel can be tough anyway, but on Sunday afternoon in Baltimore, when I’d gotten to the airport, boarded the plane and then been ordered off as the flight got canceled, I lost a day of work and that’s why you didn’t hear from me til late last night. Markets are down fractionally but tempers and [...]

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