Trade Alert – Selling two stocks and noting the markets new path of least resistance

It’s starting to feel sloppy out there, especially amongst the momentum highflying stocks, including some of our own. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t want to chase these stocks up here, and I still wouldn’t. We entered most of these positions at much lower levels than they are currently trading [...]

Trade Alert: Trimming more TWTR and Cody Kiss & Tell Transcript

One housekeeping item: I’m trimming one-fourth of my remaining $TWTR call options, locking in more profits. Will likely trim all of them and be out of the trade if it gets near $44 or $45 or so. Onto the transcript from this week’s Live Q&A Chat. Join me live next week at 2pm EST at [...]

Trade Alert: Trimming several recent big winners

Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known Can’t live for tomorrow, tomorrow’s much too long I’ll burn my eyes out Before I get out – Smashing Pumpkins “Today” The broader stock markets have been hitting new all-time highs all year. Corporate profits and corporate profit margins have been hitting all-time highs for several years. Confidence [...]

Trade Alert: Reading the writing on the wall at BKS

Nook is dead. BKS to follow. I told you I’d continue looking for the next opportunity and I think I’ve found one for us. I think we’ve been handed a terrific opportunity to short Barnes & Noble BKS. The stock has rallied big over the last few months and it’s back to above $20 where [...]

How the Drone Revolution will impact every kind of travel (and Trade Alert: Taking profits on half the Apple calls)

One trade to mention this morning. I am locking in a 250% gain as I am selling half my Apple call options from back in March. I paid about $20 each for ‘em and they’re now going for more than $70 a pop. I’d explained why I bought them at the time, as outlined here. “Meanwhile, [...]

Trade Alert: How I launched a hedge fund (and learned to balance my portfolio)

A few days or so after 9/11, I’d returned to Ground Zero where I had lived and been during that fateful day. I’d actually taken my cat with me when I’d run from the collapsing buildings on 9/11, but I wanted to go home to NM and needed my car. So I’d used a gas bill with [...]

Trade Alert – A swap in the long-term Social Basket

Don’t forget this week’s Live Q&A chat at 2pm EST at Be there or be square, even if it is hip to be square. I’m going to make a trade in our Social Basket. My biggest position in my stock portfolios overall for the last year and a half has been Facebook most of [...]

Trade Alert – Twitter on the long side, and two tranche drone revolution buys

First, the trading notes. How many times have you heard me talk about not letting emotions dictate your actions and not locking yourself into a set analysis vs. being free-thinking and opportunistic? Color me flexible — I think $TWTR is probably a good trade to the long side for the next few weeks. Even after all my bearish analysis [...]

Trade Alert – Taking the huge profits on my PLUG puts and listening to the bears growl

The bears are getting loud and that’s been a short-term reciple/indicator for a bounce the last few months or year or so. I’m looking to start scaling back into some more longs and have been covering a few shorts like the $P as noted Friday and next, with my $PLUG puts. I bought the $PLUG puts when the hype [...]

Trade Alert – Covering Pandora and update on Yandex

Two quick house keeping items first, one with a Trade Alert. President Vladimir Putin’s threat to subject Yandex, Russia’s largest search-engine company, to more regulation has hit the stock hard this morning. I don’t like central control from our government or any other. I do think over time that Yandex would probably end up a [...]

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