Trade Alert: Shorting a highflyer and letting go of F5

Two trades today: One short (HUBS) and one sell (FFIV), as I’m removing yet another one of our long positions. I’ve got a new short position I want to start scaling into today — $HUBS. I’ll give you the upshot of the longer form analysis below that I worked with Liam Garrity-Rokus on. Hubspot helps […]

Trade Alert: Margin of safety

After two and half months of a market that has been going almost straight up, you would think we were do for a pull back. There is an old saying that “the market will punish the greatest number of participants as often as possible”, if I may paraphrase. Of course, time frame can make anybody […]

Trade Alert: Taking some profits on Amazon

It wouldn’t shock me to see the markets pull back 2-3% or so here, if only to re-embolden the shorts but not quite give the underinvested longs a chance to get long. Then we rally right on into new all-time highs in the $DJIA and $SPX? Or, another thought — whatever happened to sideways market […]

Trade Alert: An options trade in Fitbit

Let’s talk about the small options trade I’m making. I’m going to buy some longer-dated FitBit $FIT call options. I’m going to take a small amount of capital and buy some Fitbit call options that expire out in June with strike prices around $17-18. What’s really impressive about those $FIT Alta and Blaze numbers is […]

Trade Alert: Apple trim and Spy puts

Part of the recent strong stock market action is most easily described as momentum. Momentum moves, both rallies and sell-offs, can last longer and go further than you ever think possible,. a large contingent of money managers that are underperforming the markets this year and they are hoping for a pullback. Meanwhile, the shorts didn’t […]

Trade Alert: Taking some profits on Sony, adding a small tranche hedge

Markets trading flattish this morning. Maybe it’s time for a flat market for a few days or weeks? The action has been so volatile for the last year…maybe it’s time for some churn. At any rate, I’m writing up a lot of analysis about the current short-term and long-term set up for the economy and […]

Trade Alert: New pick for the VR and SmartCar Revolutions

Two sectors that are at the top of my list of Tech Revolutions would be smart cars and virtual reality. I can think of a handful of burgeoning tech revolutions that will grow 100% or more per year for the next three to five years, including artificial intelligence, big data and wearables. But today I want […]

Trade Alert: I spy puts (and the Virtual Reality Revolution)

I’m going to hedge the portfolio a little bit more by buying some puts on the SPY and the QQQ. We’ve had a heckuva rally from the February lows and I am just going to buy a few puts to provide a little more downside protection in case the markets do get ugly again. I’m […]

The un-Trade Alert

Don’t forget this week’s Live Q&A Chat at 2pm ET today at, on the TWC App, or just hit reply to this email and send in your question. Ask me anything at all about the markets, the economy, trading strategies, tech revolutions, politics, news, apps, cooking, sports, TV, books, real estate, oil — I’m […]

Trade Alert: Puts on a new name and taking profits elsewhere

Time to lock in some more profits on our Netflix and Amazon call options that we’d bought right near the bottom back a month ago today (See Trade Alert: Panicky action, buying call options and Trade Alert: More NFLX and AMZN options). I didn’t catch the exact bottom in those stocks for the buy and I’m not catching […]

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