Cody Underground The Podcast: 1on1 With Gerald Celente

I had the honor of interviewing legendary futurist/forecaster, Gerald Celente, on my first ever 1on1 interview on my Cody Underground The Podcast.

Topics we covered included:

1. Do we have to have a crisis and crash for change to come?
2. How do we get past Partisan politics and Republican Democrat radicalism?
3. Gerald’s new movement: Occupy Peace Movement. OccupyPeace.US
4. Can the Internet Revolution save us?

You can click here to listen to it.

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Here’s a full transcription of the interview too.

Cody: Let me just introduce … Gerald Celente is a … I consider him a friend. He’s been a frequent guest on my old show, Happy Hour, and I’ve stayed in touch with him since I left Fox, mainly because he’s brilliant, and he’s famous for forecasting trends and talking about geopolitical ramifications and forecasts, and economic outlooks, and just general commentary about the state of society, too.

I’m thrilled to have Gerald Celente join me today. He is the publisher of Trends Journal, and we’re going to jump right in and let him talk a little bit first about … What are you forecasting for the rest of this year, Gerald, and say maybe into next year for both the economy and any major geopolitical flashpoints that you’re worried about?

Gerald: Before I go any further, I just want to let you know that Happy Hour was one of the best shows on TV, and that’s no [Harvard 00:02:51] line. I was on everybody … Oprah, the Today Show … I used to go on every show out there, and that was the neatest show around.

Cody: Thank you so much. You were … we loved having you because you also had fun with us. It wasn’t a dry format.

Gerald: No. How could it be a dry format when you’re sitting around a bar.

Cody: I have to say, it was a brilliant concept, and it was a great … I loved it while it lasted; but truly, I don’t know that TV was my calling. I much more enjoy being underground, and being an entrepreneur, doing the things I’m doing with, and trading with and some of my other ventures.

Gerald: I just want to let you know that that was … there’s been nothing like it before or since. Every show out there is dry and packaged, and there’s no life in them.

Cody: I really appreciate the kind words. This isn’t about me today for sure, Gerald. Can you please dive right in. What do you … what is your forecast?

Gerald: The forecast … on economic front, everybody knows the story. If they follow you, everybody knows the deal. As long as they keep dumping in cheap money into the system, whether it’s coming from China, whether it’s coming from the European Central Bank, whether it’s coming from the Federal Reserve, as long as they keep pumping dough into the system, it’s going to keep going on. It’s a pawnsie scheme.

The other thing is, of course, these record low interest rates. The only people that they’re enriching are the traders and the banks and the financiers. You see the merger and acquisition, the M&A markets booming because of all the cheap dough. The same thing with real estate. “Oh, look what just happened. The new numbers came out on new homes. They’re down. I wonder why they went down.” Well, the houses have gone up and the mortgage rates are going up, so as long as they keep dumping money into the system, keeps interest rates low, it’s going to continue to look the way it is now.

Cody: What would be the catalyst for the change, and do we have to have a heartache, a crash, a crisis, for the next foundation, something a little more healthy on an economic and political foundation for our country and the globe, itself? What’s the process? How do we get to something better, or do we just keep inflating these bubbles like you’re talking about until there’s biggest crisis, crash, depression of all time?

Gerald: Nothing is going to change, I believe, at this … I’ve been at this now 35 years, and I don’t see it changing until the individuals change.

It’s that hundredth monkey syndrome. You know the story about … how they taught a monkey how to do something on an island. Then all the monkeys did it. Then on an island that was very far away, the monkeys started doing it as well.

Right now they say that the fish rots from the head down. When you look at the major governments around the world, they’re run by fish at the head that are rotted. I mean, really.

Cody: I don’t disagree. I just love the phraseology. They truly … they’re rotten fish heads. That’s we have for leadership around the world in any developed country.

Address it, though. Do we have to have a crisis and a crash? Are they going to [crosstalk 00:06:44].

Gerald: No. I don’t believe in that. I believe that if you have a crisis or a crash, things could get worse and then get much worse after that. Just because things get worse, it doesn’t mean they get better.

It’s like a person … going back again to the individual. Let’s say a person doesn’t take care of themselves, they’re obese, they eat a lot of crappy food, they drink too much, and then they go … they get hit with a health crisis. How many people really, really change their lifestyle after the crisis, and how many continue to go on their old ways.

What I’m saying is: a crisis could even bring in more draconian measures. It could become much worse.

I don’t see it changing like that. Again, to me, where I am in my point of life, it’s going to have to take a national movement of people, regardless of the country you’re from.

Cody: I don’t mean to interrupt, but you’re making such an important point there. You’re saying that that national movement doesn’t have to be catalyzed by some sort of depression or crisis or crash … not just stock market, not just economic, not just social, but we can actually get on a better trajectory path from here without the crisis needing to be the impetus.

Gerald: Absolutely. Again, the vacuum has never been larger. You know me. I’m a political atheist. I look at both parties … I mean, they’re the Bloods and the Crips. I don’t mean it facetiously. They’re murderers and they’re thieves. How many more wars do they have to start, how many more people do they have to kill before people call them murderers? How much more money do they have to steal from us before they call them thieves?

Cody: You have no idea how many times I would get stopped in the elevator and hallways at Fox, or when I would go to appearances at ABC or any other channel ever, and they would say to me, “Can you please pull back a little bit on your political rhetoric? When you’re calling the Republican-Democrat regime a bunch of warmongering murderers, Cody, that’s really radical.” I would look at these people and be like, “No, the warmongering and murdering that the Republic-Democrat regime is doing is what’s radical.”

Gerald: It goes back again to the question: Look at what the people …

The same thing happens with me all the time, and I don’t get invited back because they don’t want to hear it; but again, going back to the question: does a crisis have to happen?

Here you have what you would think are people that are intelligent calling you a radical as they keep buying the crap and supporting it.

Cody: Correct, and propagandizing it for … in that case, when it’s in the hallways of a television network …

Gerald: Exactly, so that’s why I keep going back to: it’s the people. It’s the people.

Cody: How do we get to this better platform that is non-Republican, non-Democrat? As far as I’m concerned, I’m radical enough to be antipartisan at all. I don’t want there to be parties. I want people to be free-thinking. I think there’s enough of a literate base in this country that people can write in who they want to be elected, and we’ll just take whoever gets the most votes in each thing.

Gerald: I agree with you. Again, I would not use that term “radical.” As you said, the radicals are the ones that are the murderers and the thieves.

Cody: Thank you for clarifying and straightening me out there.

Gerald: Going back to it, here’s number one. The new Trends Journal is going to be coming out on Monday, and I’m starting a movement. It’s called Occupy Peace, and it’s going to be … the website, we’re building as we speak … This is only for Americans because, on top of the Occupy Peace is no foreign entanglements.

Cody: Oh, wow. That is a good platform and basis that you’re starting with there. Keep going.

Gerald: Here we are. I’m speaking from Colonial Kingston, New York, and this is the foundation of … that’s part of the foundation of the revolutionary war was right here. The British burnt this joint down in 1777. This is the …

Cody: [Crosstalk 00:11:27] you’re talking to me in Lincoln County, New Mexico, not famous only for the Lincoln County Wars with Billy the Kid, but I still am best friends with kids whose last names are Geronimo, Larry Geronimo and others, who also are part of the revolutionary national movement concept that you’re talking about. I wanted to connect some dots there.

Gerald: That’s great, and that’s what we’re talking about … again, the people. You said about enough people. Here’s the way I look at it. Eighty percent of the people will follow anything and do anything. You see them all over. They eat crap, they buy corporate food, they eat corporate food, they have no minds … they’ve lost it. They’ll follow good or bad. Whoever has the loudest voice, they’ll follow.

Other ten percent are … I call the destroyers. These are the people that are destroying things in front of us. These are the greedy, the immoral … and again, I’m no preacher. My whole life … I’d be the last guy to say, “Oh, yes, I did everything just right.” No. As you get older, you try to learn more and you try to make yourself better. I’m not telling people what to do or how to act. I want to make that really clear.

Cody: I’ll say it like you are a preacher, Gerald, because you’re preaching the word here. You’re doing God’s work. I do believe that. Keep going.

Gerald: Then there’s the ten percent that you’re talking about … the builders. Now it’s time for the builders to move into position, and that’s the way I see it now. The vacuum has never been greater. You look at the clowns around the world. Let’s go over to the UK … the little boy Cameron over there. Then you’ve got his neighbor, Hollande.

Cody: Little Cameron, he’s so cute.

Gerald: Isn’t he? I think he went to one of those boys’ schools where they got a lot of problems when he was a kid, because he didn’t come back with both of them.

Anyway, then you got Hollande over there, and he’s in the same category. Another loud-mouth little boy with nothing behind him. You come to the states you got Obama … an empty suit if there ever was one, other than the empty suits before him with Bush …

Cody: We could have had Romney’s empty suit.

Gerald: We could have Romney … again … By the way, if anybody is tired of voting for a lesser or two evils, I’m saying Charles Manson 2016. Let’s put a real evil in there. Enough of these lesser of two evils.

Cody: Forget the lesser of evils. Go with the greatest evil you can do. If you’re going to vote for a Republic-Democrat, vote for Charles Manson.

Gerald: Let’s stop this lesser of two evils stuff. Let’s go the full route.

Then you keep going back, and I’m saying the vacuum has never been greater. Look at the politicians in play. What have you got? You got [Boner 00:14:29] over there, you got Pelosi, you have McConnell, you have Reed. Come on. How can anybody take these people seriously?

What I’m saying is the vacuum is so large it could be filled with anything, so number one, Occupy Peace, no foreign entanglements. Rebuild America. Bring all the troops home, close the bases, bring [Reese 00:14:57] … and the other part is: rebuilt America. All the money that we’re wasting in these foreign wars, bring it back home, restore the nation.

Cody: You mentioned … and amen. Let’s please plug repeatedly throughout the rest of the program because that’s how you build a movement is by getting this kind of underground movement started and getting the word out.

Gerald: It’s an above-ground movement. It’s not underground.

Cody: Well, I … my podcast I want to remain underground for a little while. That’s all I’m saying.

Gerald: Yeah, but Occupy … this is going to be big. This could be one of the greatest movements that this nation has ever seen.

Cody: That’s what I guess I’m trying to say. I would like to help contribute from an underground angle to build and the Occupy Peace movement, itself, into something that would truly help catalyze the change without the crash and crisis that goes back to that first question I asked you about: can we get there without these repeated … or a major next crisis and depression or something.

You hit on a word several times back. You’ve talked about how there’s a vacuum out there, and I think you’re talking about of leadership, perhaps, of some sort of tangible, meaningful … you can call it moral and ethical if you want … ideas and politics that are not entangled in corporatism and warmongering and bank bailouts … and Illuminati crap that I might call it. Why has the internet revolution not helped save us yet? What is the problem that we’re … that there hasn’t been an succeed yet, and what will enable this one to go to the next level?

Gerald: There’s another part, and I’ll go to that in one second because you ask what could … also with the parties. The other concept I believe in is direct democracy. Let the people vote. They do in Switzerland. It’s one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Everybody has a gun and they don’t kill each other. The food’s real good. They haven’t been in a war since … what? … 1857.

Cody: Not a bad idea.

Gerald: Then people say, “Then you’d have mob rule.” You got mob rule now. They call it Republicans and Democrats.

Cody: It’s worse than mob rule.

Gerald: It’s much worse than … we have 535 people telling 316 million of us how to tie our shoes.

Cody: It’s elitist and wealth rule at this point, not anything … mob rule would actually, I think, be an improvement.

Gerald: Exactly. We get the future we deserve.

Cody: Why is it the internet and social media like … which, by the way, I’m going to ask you afterwards when we’re offline. I’d love to start featuring some of your articles and have you join which is a social network, and apps that I’ve bought … that my companies have built for Apple and Android, and we’ve got some really cool stuff that I think …

We’d love to be involved with this movement and help make it go mainstream, and take it to a true end game that enables the people to have some voice and power.

Going back to [crosstalk 00:18:32] working yet?

Gerald: Why isn’t it working? Here’s why. Look what’s going on with Ukraine. Look at the propaganda campaign. The major media, even though less and less people are listening and watching, they still have great influence.

I’ll tell you, that Putin … I heard it right from Hilary Clinton herself. He said he’s like a Hitler. I mean, she said it. I heard Schwable say it over there in Germany. “I’ll tell you, that Putin, he reminds me like Hitler.”

Cody: [Crosstalk 00:19:08] interviewed XYZ, and they said that Putin is definitely a bad guy, and over on CNN I also heard Putin was a bad guy.

Gerald: There you go. So now it goes back to the 80%, and they get … I’m telling you, I tell people, “Look, I don’t have time for this BS. I don’t want to talk to you about this.” “You know about Victoria Nuland?” “Well, I don’t need to know.” Yes, you do need to know about that. How could you make a comment …?

I got in a discussion with a guy that’s a journalist professor at one of the biggest colleges on the East Coast, and he didn’t know anything about anything, and all of a sudden had the Jews being murdered in Hungary if this thing continued. That’s how this guy’s mind was. If you’re a journalist professor and you don’t even want to dig deeper in this … I said, “No wonder why this system stinks.”

What I’m saying to answer your question: the power is still there. Look at those little green men, you know, “Them Russian guys over there without them insignias.” I picked up the paper of record, the New York Times, or I like to call it the toilet paper of record, and there they have a huge story about … straight from the State Department and their sources in the Ukraine government that those guys over there in Dansk and other areas, they’re actually Russian soldiers. Here are the photos that are proof. It look like the guy from Duck Dynasty. It was a joke.

Cody: They actually have face masks on. You can’t see their [beard 00:20:49].

Gerald: Again, it’s been proven. Now it’s a fact. It was false, but it did the job. It did the job.

Cody: That’s my question. I’ve got to wrap up the podcast or I won’t be able to get it uploaded right and everything. I want you to come back next time, and we … let’s do this in another week or two. I’ll reschedule it with [inaudible 00:21:10] your people. I want you to talk about where and how, logistically and in reality, we are going to mobilize the people and finally leverage the power of the internet and these social networks and their ability to get a voice out there without the mainstream media and corporate money.

Gerald: Okay. All right.

Cody: I got to ask you one last question before I let you go. Your favorite song … it’ll be the song of the day.

Gerald: That’s a tough one. Here’s one for you. Che La Luna, mezz’u mare … Louis Prima.

Cody: I didn’t ever understand what you said.

Gerald: Che La Luna, mezz’u mare … that’s “take a look at the moon.” There’s a great old song … you ever hear of Louis Prima?

Cody: I did [crosstalk 00:22:00].

Gerald: Louis Prima, L-o-u-i-s.

Cody: Here I think I am a music aficionado, and I know nothing.

Gerald: You don’t know Louis Prima. Oh, man.

Cody: I’ll go look up Louis Prima. That’s the song of the day. People thanks for tuning in to Cody Underground. It has been my honor to talk and get some wisdom … and you know what? … preaching. Amen. The gospel from the man, himself, Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal. Thanks so much. I’m [inaudible 00:22:29] another one, and we’ll keep going with this.

Gerald: Thank you.

Cody: Thank you.

Gerald: Bye-bye.

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